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Do you want to boost productivity without sacrificing your time & money?
Grow your Walmart Store’s revenue by hiring our professionally trained and highly talented Virtual Assistants (VA).

Hire a Walmart Virtual Assistant

Sell more to earn more comission

If you are buried with tasks related to managing your Walmart Dropshipping Store and can not make time to pursue the strategic objectives of your business, then we are the right choice for you.

With over a decade of experience we ensure visible business growth from the moment our tech savvy Virtual Assistants start handling your Walmart Dropshipping Store.

Our services cover the entire dropshipping cycle. We prioritize in building Brand reputation through a strong customer base that consistently repurchases products.

All in one Walmart Solution

Tasks our professional team of trained technical experts can handle

Store Setup

Store Setup & Management


Walmart Store setup

Fill out necessary forms on business details, tax, shipping and returns policy.

Provide Walmart Proof of Authenticity

Validate your ownership using various means.

Manage the Seller Center Portal.


Master Walmart Pricing Policy

Prevent items from getting delisted or suspended.

Stellar Seller Scorecard

Maintain outstanding store performance.
Walmart VA for Hire

Product Research

Find Products that Sell


Guaranteed high profit margin for each product!

We analyze product popularity and future demand to generate higher profits.

Profit from Niche marketing

Establish yourself as an expert in the market, while avoiding over-saturated niches.

Rank product number ONE on search pages

Extensive Keyword Research and SEO for Walmart’s internal Search Algorithm is done.

Win Buy Box! But don’t compromise Profit

We use optimized Pricing Strategies (psychological pricing, keystone pricing).

Hand-pick good & reliable Suppliers

Supplier reliability is crucial, we evaluate supplier management, negotiation, and communication capabilities to choose the best.

Product Listing

High Quality Product Listing & Upload


Bulk upload from Category Specific Walmart Listing Spreadsheet CSV files.


Single Product upload via manual data entry in Seller Center.


Product New UPC Listing & Enhancement.


Minimize flagged products

No restricted Brands, Brand Name dominated products, and copyright issues.

Professional Image & HTML editing in Product Description.


Setup category-wise sales tax codes.


Product Variation listing, monitoring and corrections.


Inventory Management

Your Products will never go out of Stock


Keep Organized with SKU

Stock Keeping Units are unique numbers assigned to each of your products to streamline all aspects of inventory management and shipping fulfillment.

Maintain Accuracy


Variant Groups

Manage products on Walmart with different attributes such as size, color, and material.

Product demand

Predicting demand in the future so that you don’t run out of stock.

Product tracking

Steer clear of fulfillment errors like overselling or outdated stock levels.

Automate shipping and tracking updates once an item is fulfilled by your supplier.

24/7 Order Fulfillment

Process Orders around the clock


Around the clock order processing everyday

New customer orders are immediately routed to a supplier to begin.

Cost-effective Order management and fulfillment.


Over 99% On-Time Shipment Rate!

Hardly any Fulfillment Lag Time gives you a high seller score.

Less than 2% Order Defect Rate!

We ensure that orders aren’t cancelled, due to late delivery, and defective products.

Track product journey from order placement till fulfillment.


Professional handling of Refunds, Returns and Exchanges

Customer satisfaction is vital to us.

Decreased return rates so that product rating doesn’t drop.

Customer Service

Customer Care & Support


We focus on providing good customer service to build repeat customers.


Provide customer support 24/7

We reply to and resolve all customer issues within 24 hours.

No auto-reply message

We have dedicated VAs to provide high-quality and empathetic responses.

Ensure customer satisfaction when communicating with us.

Software & Tools

Computer Tools and Software we use to boost productivity


Inventory Management Tools - Oagenius, Droplic, informed


Product Research Tools - Helium 10, Jungle Scout, AMZScout, Keepa Graph Extensions, Google Trends


Google Apps (Docs, Sheets, Gmail, G-Drive, Calendar)


Microsoft Office Applications

In addition to all of this, we are here to listen to your individual requirements and we will ensure that any other Walmart Seller task you need is taken care of.

No matter how hard it is to believe, Virtual Assistants truly can do all the tasks above

So place your trust in us and let our professional team of Walmart VA take over all your repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Just sit back and watch as your business booms and outperforms your competitors.

Contact us today so that we can discuss your Walmart business, and we can explain exactly how a Virtual Assistant from VATask can transform your business and take your sales performance to a whole new level.

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