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As you and your business grow, don’t you think your to-do list also grows? Yes, it does and soon you’ll find too MUCH on your plate you can hardly handle all by yourself.

But the question is: Have you ever thought of delegating these non-core business activities to experts like virtual assistant (VA)? To help give you an idea of what types of tasks you can outsource to a virtual assistant, please follow few examples outlined in this guide.

1. Webmaster Virtual Assistant (Website Maintenance)

Okay, you have a great looking site running up, you have optimized it for SEO, and published high quality articles on it. But after a month or so, suddenly, one of your pages fails to display correctly. Or, there’s one dead link that throws a 404 error on the screen. Or some type of JavaScript or animation doesn’t run properly as it used to.

How do you deal with these issues when you don’t even know what the problem is, how to dissect it, and fix it? Well, don’t worry as you can delegate these technical aspects of website to a highly skilled Webmaster virtual assistant.

Webmaster Virtual Assistant are experts at looking after your site – i.e. maintaining your site and fixing technical issues that often arise due to script, code, or even server failure.

Simply list all those errors you see on the screen of your browser, email the list to the webmaster, and they’ll have them fixed before you wake up the next morning!

2. SEO Virtual Assistant

If you require someone to optimize your site and pages for search engines, then there are virtual assistants who specialize in SEO and Internet Marketing as well.

They do more than just write copies and build website – they are the ones who understands and knows how to put it all together so that you site’s search engine rankings improve.

Some of the examples include site optimization, on-page SEO, off-page SEO such as backlink generation, article directory submission, Web 2.0 properties, and fixing problems as they arise to.

3. Graphic Designer Virtual Assistant

Okay, now you’ve virtual assistant helping you setup a site and then optimize it for search engine. But your site still looks bland, plain, and simply put it, boring! That’s when you require some talented and creative artist/ graphic designers for your site, to give it a “unique” and “fresh” look that it deserves.

Graphic designer virtual assistant can quickly and efficiently design “eye-catching” and “relevant” graphics that communicates your business bottom-line effectively with your target audience (potential customers).

Here’s why it’s more cost-effective to outsource graphic design services to a virtual assistant than a, let’s say, a freelance designer.

If you require a one-time graphic design services, like a logo design for example, hiring a part-time or even a full-time graphic designer as an employee simply doesn’t make sense.

Virtual assistants, on the other hands, are equally talented and cost-effective (as you do NOT need to interview, buy additional equipments, pay salary etc) and they still can quickly, efficiently, and professionally deliver the type of graphic design you have in mind.

5. Web Developer Virtual Assistant

So you’re thinking about building an online presence and crush your competition once and for all by setting up a website, but don’t have time or technical know-how to do it effectively?

Then you might as well hire a web developer virtual assistant to build a “professional-looking” and “fresh” site to impress you clients.

This is where there is lot of specialties beyond simply web development. Your virtual assistant can also look after and revamp your logo, business card, magazine layouts, and brochure designs and build a STRONG online brand for your business so that you stand out from the crowd.

Web development virtual assistants are very good at what they do. Just ensure they can work with platform you are comfortable with, let’s say WordPress, and can handle the technical sides of things.

5. Content Writing Tasks

If you require “original,” “high quality,” and “informative,” content, then we suggest you hire a content writer virtual assistant to churn out articles, posts for you as long as you decide to hire them.

If you have plenty of writing assignment piling up your desk, don’t spend all those hours sorting them out, hoping one day you’ll get to each of them.

Instead, it’s best to hire a highly qualified content writer as your virtual assistant.

Contact us to hire a virtual assistant.

Other small tasks you can outsource to a virtual assistant are:

In addition to above mentioned tasks, you can outsource other types of non-core business activities to a virtual assistant. After talking with a couple of online friend, I discovered that you can assign the following common tasks to a virtual assistant.

1. Research – To sustain in business, accurate data are required. For all of my researching tasks, such as blogs posts, writing an e-book, or finding profitable keywords, and identify our targeted customers, and much more, I tend to rely on the research skills of a highly qualified virtual assistants.

Trust me when I say this: they’re very good at researching.

2. Bookkeeping and Accounting – As your business grows, you need to keep track of your financial records ever than before. I usually visit Elance and hire a bookkeeper virtual assistant.

3. Email Management – Need help managing emails such as composing, sending, and following up with your customers on a weekly basis but you’re too busy with other important stuffs? Don’t worry; you can assign these email correspondence tasks to a virtual assistant.

4. Data Entry – If you want all your data put together so that you’ll find them whenever necessary, hire a virtual assistant for data entry tasks. They’ll handle all these minor time-consuming but unproductive tasks for you so that you can focus on more important aspects of your business such as building new connection, venturing into new business opportunities, and generating MORE profits for your organizations.

Well, the tasks you can outsource to a virtual assistant are pretty much limitless. But this list should at least guide you if for now. If you require services on other office/business-related tasks, then don’t forget to contact us.

Contact us to hire highly skilled and efficient virtual assistant for your business.

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