SBI to WordPress Transfer

ZERO downtime with no losses in SEO ranking or Visitors

We ensure your sites remain fully optimized, no matter what device or platform.

Changing websites involves more than just costs. How can you move your current platform away from Solo Build It! (SBI!) and enjoy one of the most popular platforms instead?

Our service has the experience you can trust. We offer many years of dedicated experience, working with HTML, CSS, professional web design, and website hosting.

We ensure your sites remain fully optimized, no matter what device or platform. Whether your visitors are on a mobile phone, a tablet, or even a desktop computer, your site will load fast and look amazing!

Website Migration Process

Whether you need to move everything, or you’re planning on starting over, we offer two types of transfers. Whether there’s a page you can’t live without, or you want to begin fresh, we can handle all your needs!

Beginning again with faster, more affordable service means utilizing WordPress. Your personal preferences for your site’s appearance will be up to you, but it will be simple to handle!

Three Steps to SBI! to WP Migration

Our transferring process will make sure your website communicates perfectly, achieves all of your goals, and launches in the most timely and cost-efficient way.


We will discuss with you and conduct a business profile audit to better design your site and target better web hosting.


We take your existing pages and carefully copy them into WordPress. From there, we ensure your new site looks how you’d expect with custom design options and a quality assurance analysis of each page.


By the time your new site launches, it has already been thoroughly tested with the user in mind. We never bring a site live without knowing it will perform at its best!

What Our Clients Say

I had VATASK Team transfer my SBI site to wordpress. They did a great job. They patiently answered all my questions and did what was needed to have a smooth transfer. I will use them again for other projects.
Catherine L. Taylor

Owner, Catherine L. Taylor

VATASK have been an absolute godsend to me. I needed to migrate my website from one platform to another (SBI! To WordPress ), and had no idea what I needed to do or how. My biggest fear was losing the number of visitors that I had before the move.

VATask worked closely with me and took care of everything. They responded quickly to all questions I had, and completed everything in super quick time and faultless quality, with no losses in SEO ranking or visitors.

I am over the moon with the quality of service and value I received. I would absolutely recommend the team and even happy to discuss with anyone who wants a chat beforehand.

I am pleased I have now found a technical expert that can step in when I have an issue or need fixes made to my website, whom I can trust 100%.

Lee Candy

Founder, Lee Candy

I discovered VATask when I needed to transfer a website out of Solo Build It / SBI to a new platform. We had an old site that had not been updated in a long time since the Solo Build It / SBI system is relatively difficult to work within (things like no ability to download files directly, must contact support to get files, no way to connect an HTML editor like Dreamweaver directly, no control over DNS settings unless you go through a cumbersome process to transfer your domain out of their control, more.) Money is always an issue, and we had a lot of pages to move, so finding VATask specifically to do this transfer from Solo Built It / SBI to WordPress was a great thing. They worked pretty quickly and gave us GREAT value. We moved more than 150 pages and after the move we were able to relatively quickly perform the needed updates inside WordPress that would have taken much, much longer if we had not had help from VATask.

VATask recommended a template that they had worked within before, and offered to do the setup and installation as well. VATask had great communication. Yes, the time zone is a challenge sometimes, but if you get a rhythm going the communication works very well. I would highly recommend VATask for your Solo Build It / SBI transfers. I’m definitely going to ask for their help on other projects in the future.

Brian Robinson

Owner, Brian Robinson

Don’t Wait to Move Sites!

The process of taking an existing site and transferring it to a different service is not something that gets done in a day. Website moving makes a ton of tedious work to do correctly!
Because timing is crucial, please ensure that you schedule us well in advance. Also, please be mindful of when your SBI subscription ends.

Unlike other services, this is not one that handles “rush jobs”. Even if you’re willing to spend more, it’s a matter of not having enough time to complete your project correctly.

Is Website Transfer Expensive?

Cost is a top concern whenever a company overhauls their sites. As you can imagine, changing websites is an investment in your business’ future.

The cost of moving websites depends on how much the user can handle. The most significant factor that impacts your expenses is the number of pages, as well as how much text, images, and videos are on the pages. The coding and scripts are also a factor, even though they aren’t readily visible to you.

Please contact us to get the price quote we guarantee the most competitive pricing possible.

Why Hire Us?


Competitive Pricing

We keep our prices low to offer better sites to more customers. In fact, you’ll find that our fees are nearly 2/3 LESS than what other service providers charge for SBI site migration!

Smooth Transfer – Guaranteed

“Worry-free” migration means that your company never misses out on traffic or suffers through a technical issue. We ensure that your sites stay live without missing a single sale!

Theme Design

We offer a custom WordPress theme that provides peak mobile responsiveness based on your current SBI design. Or, if you purchase any WordPress premium theme, we can fully customize it to better suit your brand!

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ After the transfer, should I use or What's the difference?

WordPress.Org is what you will want to download. That platform version gives you the most control over your website.

WordPress.Com, on the other hand, is primarily a blogging service that is more appropriate for personal sites. It doesn’t assist much in boosting your business.

Can you transfer my content 2.0 pages? How is the process different?

C2 pages have unique URLs they need to get replicated through WordPress. There is a specific category to include in your invitation that helps us transfer your site.

How can you guarantee that there won't be any site downtime?

The WordPress installation occurs on your web hosting service, allowing us to copy the pages and media files from SBI over to the new format. During the process, we don’t need to take down the original site, allowing it to remain live.

Once the new site is up, we thoroughly test it for errors. Once you’re satisfied with the new site, we’ll transfer the domain to WordPress.

Finally, we ensure the new site gets found via search engines. That way your customers already know where you are!

How can I know that my search ranking won't get impacted by the migration?

As long as you retain the same URL as before, your search engine rankings won’t drop. SBI pages depend on .html extensions, which can stay in place through WordPress plugins.

If that isn’t an option, we can install redirection pages from these HTML sites. Google suggest this method to maintain your current search rankings.

I've been thinking of changing my domain name. Will that hurt my ranking?

Changing your domain is as simple as redirecting traffic to your new page. Using 301 redirect pages, you won’t drop in your rankings.

Still have questions?

Feel free to ask us now if we’ve failed to answer any of your questions.. We look forward to helping you to a smooth SBI! to WordPress transfer.

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