​​​webmaster vaEarlier updating a site was a simple task, you just had to copy paste content and upload it upon the web. But it is not so anymore with the advent of database, security, SEO, frameworks, CMS, site authority and reputation all playing their pivotal role.

Accordingly nowadays it becomes necessary to hire a webmaster and such person needs to be responsible as well as jack-of-all-trades. The webmaster you select should be aware of server programming, web development, web marketing, graphic designing, site security, social integration and several other aspects.

It is therefore very important to select the right person for the webmaster job and the following questions will help you judge whether the person is suitable for the job.

Top Five Questions to Ask While Hiring Webmaster

Q1. Can you provide a list of your past as well as the current client?

The person applying for the webmaster post should be able to give contact details for his or her past as well as current clients. By speaking with those clients you will be able to understand whether the person is reliable and follows deadlines.

Q2. Do you have a portfolio?

Experienced webmaster will not be hesitant in sharing their portfolio which showcases the work they have done so far. By checking their portfolio you will be able to know their skill level and style of work. You will also be able to comprehend how good they are in visual design, programming and use of graphics.

Q3. What is your favorite site(s)?

The answer you get will tell a lot about person’s sense of design, branding and user interface development. It will also provide you an idea of the website they browse for getting inspiration and judge how the webmaster will use ideas gained from those sites for developing your website.

Q4. Which design and publishing technologies you will use for my site?

The webmaster should be able to explain all leading design, content scheduling and publishing tools as well as provide advantages and disadvantages of all of them. The person should also be able to suggest which one will be best for you based upon the scope of your work as well as the budget you have assigned for the work.

As for example, if you are planning to set up a blog, then the webmaster should be able to tell whether Drupal or WordPress would be good.

Q5. How you will handle security issues and any other problem on the site?

It is will important for you to know how the person will handle issues such as website hacks or crashes and most significantly how quickly. You should also get clear details about how other problems will be handled such as data theft, intrusions, site going offline, phishing or malware attacks. You should also feel confident that the person will be able to take regular backups of all data present on the website.

Q6. What methods you will use for optimizing my site for search engines?

A webmaster should be well versed with different SEO methods and tools. You should also ask the person about strategies that will be used for improving your ranking in search engines and get a list of past clients for whom he has done SEO.

The webmaster should also be well aware of how various analytical tools are to be used such as Google Analytics so that progress of search engine optimization campaign can be judged.

Q7. Who will have ownership of my website?

You may thing that quite obviously you will have the ownership of the site that you paid for being designed. By in case you are using a freelance designer and not your own company employee then you will not get ownership of the website with finalizing a copyright assignment agreement with the designer which states that you have complete ownership of the content as well as design of the website.


Thus as we can see a webmaster can look into and manage each and every aspect of your website. But it is important to hire a person who is knowledgeable and would be able to handle all your requirements. In this context outsourcing the work to any offshore webmaster employed with a reputed VA company such as the under mentioned one can give you peace of mind that your website will be managed properly and in the right manner.


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