Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to earn money on the side. If you are tired of your 9-5 job, then you need to shift the tide and join the affiliate marketing industry and eventually score mounds of cash. Today we are going to show you exactly how you can spend just a few hours on your computer and start making money online.

First a little about ClickBank.

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If you ended up on this guide through Google, then we are assuming you already know what affiliate marketing is. Clickbank is one of the most popular affiliate marketing platform where thousands of people make money by selling either their own products or by marketing other’s products.

Clickbank is a bit different from the rest of affiliate marketing portals simply because it mainly focuses on digital products and eBooks. This makes it a very attractive affiliate program platform because sometimes the commissions they offer are as big as 75%.

Clickbank vendors can offer huge commissions because of the fact that their products are digital only. This cuts down the cost of shipping, processing, distribution and even storage costs. Everything is on the cloud and is delivered instantly to customers. This makes the products on their platform very attractive to customers since they instantly get access to what they want.

Now before you begin making money with clickbank, you need to understand that there are actually two ways to make money through this affiliate program.

Clickbank offers a chance for you to earn cash by either selling your own product through their portal or by affiliating and marketing other’s products. So if you have a great digital product idea, Clickbank offers you a great opportunity for you to host your product and let others market and sell it for you. You will have to decide what commission you will give to the marketer.

The second way of making money through clickbank, which is also the focus of this guide, is through by affiliating existing products on the platform. This means you create your own blog/website and choose a product from clickbank and start promoting the product on your website. Once someone buys the product through your site, you are given a commission which can be up to 75% per sale.

Now that you know how click bank works, let’s move on to the important bit; the guide itself.

To make things easier, we’re going to make this guide a step by step process. So let’s begin with the first step.

STEP 1 – Creating a Website/Blog

NOTE: This step is only for people who are beginning new or have no idea how affiliate marketing works. If you are already familiar with the creation of a blog/website as a marketing tool, then move on to the next step. You can also skip this step if you primarily do your marketing through emails or social media platforms.

The first step is very important. In order to market a product, you first need a platform where you will market it. Your perfect platform is a well developed and designed website/blog where you will be talking about the product you are promoting.

Selecting a Niche – First of all, you need to know what niche you will be targeting. Are you well versed in health and fitness? Do you like helping others create blogs or websites? Are you a yoga instructor looking to make money by selling an eBook you read online? No matter what your strong area is, you need to decide your target market before moving into clickbank and selecting a digital product.

Keyword ResearchKeyword research is an extremely big topic that needs to be detailed. However, we are not going to talk about it too much in detail. Before you can build a website, it is important to have a very good understanding about keywords that you will be targeting within the niche you selected.

Buy Domain and Hosting – No website can work without buying a domain and getting it hosted. As a clickbank affiliate, we highly suggest getting a domain name that is relevant to your niche. If you have done prior product research on clickbank, try to find a domain name that is relevant to the product. You can get hosting from Bluehost popular registrar companies like GoDaddy or NameCheap.

Build Your Website – This is an extremely important step. You need to build a very high quality and extremely user friendly website in order to make sure you can create rapport with your users. If you are not well versed in making websites, consider hiring a web professional or a company that creates websites.

STEP 2 – Signing Up On ClickBank

One of the main reasons we covered the first step into this guide is because before you can even get into an affiliate program, you need a working website. Before clickbank can accept you into their program, they will run an analysis of your website.

This is done to make sure you are not a scammer. So before you sign up with Clickbank, make sure your website already has a few pages going on. This is why we recommended picking up niche before working your way into clickbank.

ClickBank signup

Now that you have a beautiful working site with some content relevant to your niche, it is time to head over to Clickbank and start the signup process. Go to the official clickbank website and click on signup.

You will be taken to a short form where you will have to fill in some details. Once you have filled these details, clickbank will have created your account for you.

STEP 3 – Choosing A Killer Product

What we are about to tell you is going to change your chances of having success with affiliating marketing from 25% to nearly 70%. There is a reason so many affiliate marketers struggle with selling a product online and that reason is simple.

They do not know how to choose a product.

Choosing a product sounds extremely simple. You log onto clickbank, find a product you think is attractive and viola! You sign up for that product and start promoting it only finding out later that it isn’t making any sales.

The reason we asked you to select a niche and do some keyword research before you even get into signing up with clickbank was all about helping you choose the right product that will make sales no matter what you do.

The first thing you need to do is add in the keywords you are targeting in your niche. Now we are assuming that you have done an extensive research over your selected keywords.

Once the products start popping up, it’s time to spend some good hours looking at what each and every product is all about.

Generally, the rule is to pick up a product that you, yourself has already used. This makes sure that there are more people out there who will buy the product if you were able to find benefits out of it.

But if for some reason you haven’t used a product before selling it to others, its completely fine. Read on and we’ll tell you what a good product looks like.

Once you start searching for a product using a keyword, you will notice that every product listed down has some very valuable stats. If you’re new to clickbank, let us explain what each and every stat means and how it can influence your sales.


  • Avg%/Sale – this indicates the average commission rate that is earned for all products from this vendor.
  • Initial $/sale – this indicates the average amount you will be earning per sale from this product.
  • Avg Rebill Total – Indicates the average amount an affiliate marketer like you earns when a rebill happens on a product. Rebills are recurring products. For example, if you promote a service that takes away $10 each month from the customer, every time that customer is billed, you will get a commission. Neat right?
  • Grav – Now this is the most important stat. Grav is abbreviated from Gravity, a term by clickbank indicating the amount of affiliates who made money through commission over the period of 12 months by promoting it. Basically, it tells you how much success affiliates are having by marketing this product.Earlier we recommended that you should choose a product that you have already used yourself. But if you can’t find a product that you have used yourself, consider looking closely at the gravity of a product.A general rule is that you should go for a product that has at least 20 score on gravity. 20 is enough to tell you that there is potential in the product and people are already making money through it.If you can find a product with 50 Gravity rating, it’s even better but be warned, this product is likely saturated with a LOT of competition. So if you are a newbie, stay clear of products with a very high gravity rating.

Other important factors about choosing a product – now that you have shortlisted a couple of products within your niche, it’s time to compare every one of these and see which ones the best to promote. To do this, simply visit the webpage of the product creator.

This will give you a great idea over how the product will perform. Go through their sales page and read it completely. Are you convinced to buy this product? If you are even slightly convinced by the sales page of the product itself, then congratulations, you’ve found a product that will surely sell.

Another important thing to look for a product is its customer response. Read the user reviews (not the reviews set up by other affiliate marketers) and find out what complains are people having. Are they satisfied with the product? Are they mostly looking for refunds? If you see a good user rating, select the product.

Be careful though, some user reviews are synthesized. This means some tricky little affiliate marketers may sneak in their own user reviews to help promote the product. Always read reviews from reliable market places with genuine users.

Reading reviews will also give you an idea about making a great sales page for you to promote the product. Perhaps you have found a solution to a popular problem of the product? You can mention that solution on your sales page and watch how sales come your way.

STEP 4 – Promotion time!

You have done most of the good and important stuff, but now comes the real deal; the promotion of the product you have chosen.

Now there are several ways to promote the product you’re affiliating. Some ways are more effective than others but it comes down to personal preference in the end.

For us, the best way to promote a product is through writing good content aka content marketing. If you know how to write content, you have the biggest tool in your arsenal to promote and sell products.

People are hungry for content that is helpful. With your niche site, you can provide them a very healthy dose of helpful content that will build your trust with them. When people start trusting you, they will easily buy whatever you throw at them. So focus on building trust before you start telling people what to buy.

One of the best ways to sell a product is to sneak in a recommendation. Now what if we were to add the link above several times in this guide and told you again and again how important it is for you to work with them? You would probably realize that we were trying to hard to push a service in to your mouth, a service you may or may not need at this time.

Similarly, when writing content, don’t force your readers to buy a product or service. Be sneaky, add in a link or a recommendation that fits ‘naturally’ into your guide or article and let nature do its job.

You can also write a detailed review of the product you are marketing. But this is only recommended if you have used a product yourself. Since products on clickbank are digital, try investing in a product and give it a thorough try. It will definitely help you write a good and convincing review.

If you want to take things to a whole new level, consider trying out all the competitive products of the product you are selling. This will achieve 2 things for you. First you will be able to compare the products and show that comparison to your users (people love comparisons!). Secondly, you will have opened options to promote more than one product. You can pick 2, 3 or even 4 products from the same niche on clickbank and run a comparison and maybe recommend more than 1 product. It will increase your chances of making money all together!

STEP 5 – Track your progress and sales

Clickbank offers a great platform where you can easily compare and see the progress of your campaigns. If you will be using several methods to recommend your products, i-e through banners, links, headers etc, you need to know where you are making the most money from.

The product stat page tells you exactly from where your users are coming from. So keep a track of your campaigns especially if you are promoting a product through social media.


Clickbank is an amazing place to start your affiliate career. We highly recommend trying clickbank out especially if you are new to the whole affiliate marketing business. Clickbank products are digital that you yourself can use and be confident about people buying these.

A product that requires shipping or distribution is often very expensive and doesn’t offer much commission. Customers are also very hesitant in buying a physical product and they prefer reading reviews and buying off from a local store instead of getting it from the internet.

Digital products however are only available through the internet and they have but no choice to buy it immediately from your promotional page if they do intend to buy it.

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