Don’t know what SBI is? You’re in for a real surprise. ‘Solo-Build-It’ known as SBI is all your techno savvy individuals’ aspirations in one big package. Sounds too good to be true? Well, fasten your seat belts because it’s here!

What is SBI?

It is the complete bundle of a systematic process, software equipment, clear cut instructions with full time support and automatic updating which allows solo entrepreneurs who are running the website alone, to create profitable businesses.

Sudden shift?

Despite all the success related factors that are associated with SBI, lately many individuals are considering moving their websites from this platform. Even if they are thinking of doing it, there are numerous factors which would stop them. It is not just a technological platform but it is an ideology.

Why is it that individuals find it so hard to leave the web host?

It’s because of the emotional and social attachment the users develop with the platform. It is far more different and personal than any other web host. Belonging to SBI is more like being part of a club. It’s not just about availing services from a vendor.

Individuals currently using SBI

Usually when individuals want to make a switch from SBI they are from one of the following three categories.

  • Individuals who are dependent on its tools, equipment, and culture
  • Individuals who are not only technologically advanced but they are open to change and new experiences; high on the extraversion scale
  • Individuals who are satisfied with the service and just want out

But this is a decision which should not be made a hasty mind.


There are individuals who are heavily dependent on the services of SBI. These individuals are not so technology savvy; they are heavily dependent on forums to get help regarding websites and don’t have much knowledge regarding HTML on their own.

They use SBI as a social forum mainly because through their friends and contacts they operate the website. They are highly integrated in the culture and engaged in conferences.

So for these individuals, it is better that they stick to SBI. If they’re not good with technical equipment and software tools, they would have a hard time setting up their own website and running it as well. This will be the case whether you switch to WordPress or any other platform.

10 easy steps to Transfer a SBI! site to WordPress

When this would happen, it would get very expensive for the individual because they would have to hire a software engineer or IT specialist to take care of these technical tasks such as ‘managing the website’. The individual would not be able to save at all if they keep paying extra labor for something they could have managed on their own through SBI.


The other group of individuals who use SBI are those who are technologically advanced. They are aware of HTML and CSS and know how to manage websites. In case they leave SBI, they wouldn’t be incurring extra costs by hiring more labor as they would be able to manage it on their own.

This group also knows where to find the right kind of help outside SBI. These individuals really appreciate SBI but the platform does test their patience now and then. They are always adding third party equipment and access to their websites and are usually the ones helping individuals in the forum regarding problems that they’re facing. They are into SBI but at the same time hold curiosity about WordPress.

These individuals should get into a trial website at WordPress to see how it operates and then compare it to SBI to check whether it suits them better. They should try to consider functions which can be carried out through WordPress and not from SBI.

If these individuals fit WordPress perfectly and don’t look back on the tools and functions provided to them through SBI, then they’re best suited for a site move and should shift to WordPress. In case, even after months of using WordPress they find it hard to adapt to it fully, they should switch to SBI but at the same time, giving up isn’t the best option either because if they keep working at it, they’ll learn just like they did previously.

Dissatisfied individuals

These people just want to get rid of SBI due to the frustrating environment and technicalities, and the best option for them is to move on!

These individuals do not appreciate the forums the platform provides. They loathe the socialization process and feel that the tools are not adding value to their website.

What they should do is find a web host which they are sure about and feel that it will facilitates the operations of their website. However, it is important that these individuals make their shift in a rightful manner because if they make sudden decisions, the whole idea can turn out to be a flop!

Pour your resources or pull them out by keeping all the factors in mind. If you are still puzzled, take some time off and start from scratch.

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