webmaster vaA webmaster can be the best person to maintain your website and make sure it functions as required. But for that to happen you will have to select the right person who has the necessary knowledge and experience.

Steps in Hiring Process of a Webmaster

  • Posting Requirement
  • Checking Profile
  • Checking Communication Skills
  • Defining Responsibilities

Step 1: Posting Requirement

The first step would consist of posting your requirement on various classified ad sites, forums as well as job portals and clearly define the requirements you have in terms of managing the website.

Step 2: Checking Profile

After you receive replies to your post, the process of hiring a webmaster involves checking a few things about the person and his or her expertise.

Portfolio and Clientele: First of all you need to go through person’s portfolio and clientele. By checking the portfolio you will become aware of the type of sites webmaster can manage and how well those sites have been maintained.

The other thing you will have to do is ask about details of client webmaster has worked for such as their contact numbers and addresses so that you can contact those clients and inquire about quality of service person provides.

Use of Tools: The hiring process should also involve asking the webmaster about various content publishing as well as designing tools he has used to check whether his expertise would be useful for you or not. The person should also be able to provide advice about tools which will be useful for you in addition to being cost effective.

Site Security: At the time of looking at profiles of various webmasters you also need to check whether they would be able to manage security of your website. The ideal person should have the necessary certification in network security and be able to prevent crashes or hacks.

The webmaster should also be able to tell you what steps he would be taking to thwart data thefts, malware attacks or other similar problems such as phishing. The webmaster should also have a plan to take complete backup of your site at regular intervals without bringing the site down for taking such backups.

Marketing and SEO: You need to also check the capabilities person has in terms of getting your site ranked in search engines by using SEO and whether he has updated knowledge about the recent guidelines provided by search engines regarding optimization of websites.

Step 3: Checking Communication Skills

After checking all the details about his profile such as clients, portfolio, technical expertise and experience, the next thing to do will consist of having direct conversation with the person. This will help you understand how good the person is in terms of communication and whether he will promptly reply to your queries and be available whenever you require his services.

Step 4: Defining Responsibilities

The final step would involve creating a contract stating all the responsibilities the webmaster will have to undertake and the deadlines for the same. You will also have to clearly define the penalties in case the tasks are not accomplished as desired.


To summarize, we can confidently say that hiring a webmaster involves looking at various aspects of the profile and selecting the right person for the job. In case you are interested in hiring a webmaster then such responsibility can easily be outsourced to some offshore webmaster who works for any Virtual Assistant company such as the one mentioned below. This way you can be sure that you have hired a real professional who will be able to manage the site as required.


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