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A very good place to start building your affiliate website is, you making a research on the types of affiliate programs that exist. This article would give you an insight on how to find affiliate program and we would be using Clickbank as a major case study. Clickbank, which is regarded as one of the largest and fastest growing affiliate networks in the world is a trading floor for some of the high commission products. Though, we would not also fail to tell you about other networks for you to try them out.

Before we proceed, it is important for us to know exactly what affiliate networks mean.

Introduction to affiliate networks

Affiliate networks are controllers of the affiliate world. They control the merchant and also process payments from customers and keep track of the commission of affiliates and paying affiliates

Affiliate networks are the best place to start when you are looking for affiliate products that you intend on promoting, for the obvious reasons that many of them maintain a directory that you can browse about.

Using ClickBank as a case study;

It is one of the best and largest affiliate networks existing for digital products like software and eBooks. Software and eBooks tend to have high commissions than physical products since they have no manufacturing costs, therefore merchants do opt out for them the more since they do not have to get worried about affiliate commissions cutting into their margins. If you are interested in browsing affiliate programs by subject, all you have to do is click on marketplace which will redirect you to ClickBank’s Directory of affiliate programs.

clickbank marketplace

Some statistics been provided by ClickBank on affiliate programs in their directory are;

Initial $/sale = the amount you earn for each sale you make

Avg%/sale= this shows the percentage of the sales price that make up your share.

Avg Rebill Total = this is the amount of money you will expect after the initial sale, if it is a product that does not have a recurring billing, the figure will be left blank.

Avg%/Rebill = The Avg%/Rebill only gets to show the average commission rate earned if the vendors offers products with recurring billing.

Grav = It shows the trending nature of a product at a particular time. A product with high gravity shows that it has a lot of affiliates who make money selling the product while for with low affiliates definitely shows that there is less gravity for the product.

Becoming an affiliate of Clickbank is an easy process; all you have to do is click the signup link which is at the top of the page, fill your details and click submit and just follow the instructions.

Immediately you are signed up, it means that you have your ClickBank, this shows that you are eligible to promote any product on the ClickBank network. All you have to do is click on the promote link, enter your ID and it will generate an affiliate link. Don’t forget it is important that you use your affiliate link anytime you link to your merchant site. Without that, you won’t receive credit for visitors who click that link.

Logging in to your ClickBank Account

Once you are signed in to any affiliate network, you are opportune to check your available balance in your account and also check the statistics. ClickBank pools all your commissions from your account to a daily amount. Which you will see immediately you log in to your account, also you can go in depth to your account breaking it down by products in the reports section.

Apart from ClickBank which was used as a case study, there are also other existing affiliate networks in which you might opt out to join.

Some of which are;

This article has been able to explain in details,

  • The fact that Affiliate networks co-ordinate between affiliates and merchants. They control the merchant and they also process payments from customers and keep track of the commission of affiliates and paying affiliates.
  • The ways of getting affiliate products in affiliate networks using ClickBank as a case study.
  • The steps to follow in becoming a ClickBank affiliate.
  • List of other affiliate you might want to try out.

More ways of getting to know about affiliate programs

  • Surfing the Web
  • Sending direct emails to merchants
  • Taking a look at what other affiliates are promoting.

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