What’s so great about WordPress? Well, it’s one of the most popular blogging platforms on the Internet now, and it’s absolutely FREE. The open-source content management system is based on PHP and MYSQL, but you do NOT require any knowledge about these complex programming languages. In fact, you do not need to know simple HTML tags as everything is done for you.

WordPress Site

You simply create pages with a click of a button, post blogs, drag and drop few widgets and design a professional-looking website in a matter of MINUTES.

Do we need to mention that WordPress is SEO-friendly? Yes, having pages and blogs on WordPress platform will make it more likely to rank better on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, just what you may need to reach to your potential customers.

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Custom WordPress design: Best Features

Well, WordPress offers several cool features that other blogging platform doesn’t. For example, it offers you eye-catching and professional website template, free plugins, online support, widgets, and memberships system for YOU so that you can impress your potential customers.

In addition, most people use WordPress sites and blogs for online marketing of business and social networking. In fact, even famous celebrities have started using WordPress development services from a professional company for their personal sites and blogs.

WordPress Development Services: Who we are?

VATask.com is a custom WordPress website design company and we employ highly skilled and experienced WordPress development team that builds “eye-catching,” “SEO-friendly,” and “effective” websites and blogs for your business. Most people prefer WordPress development services than others because it’s very affordable in terms of content creation, website maintenance and management, and content publishing.

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WordPress Website Design Services

If you require a WordPress development services for your business, then we can help! Over the past several years, VATask.com has been providing high quality custom WordPress design for clients from the UK, US, Canada, Australia, China, and even in India.

Your website needs that custom touch to make it unique so that it stands out from the crowd, then you will need custom WordPress website design services. You simply tell us your requirements (fill up the form below) and our highly skilled web developers will walk you down into creating the design you’ve been looking for.

Whether you need custom design for home page, services page, or contact page, or any other page for your site/blog, we can help.

Custom WordPress Design Services:

  1. PSD template design services to craft our design that you have in mind
  2. Then we’ll convert those PSD files into a custom and pixel-perfect WordPress theme using hand-coded markup languages.
  3. We’ll further develop custom child theme for various frameworks such as Genesis, Thesis, and WordPress (Twenty Ten, Twenty Twelve, and now Twenty Thirteen)
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Custom WordPress Plugin Development

In addition to themes, we also specialize in building custom plugin development to enhance your site/blog by including additional interactive elements that really keep your readers glued on your site.

We Offer Following custom WordPress Plugin Development:

  1. We will help you online business make MORE profits by automating tasks as well as enhance its functionality by adding cool features
  2. Just let us know about your individual requirements – what plugins you’d like to add, or we may also suggest few plugins that you must have for online success.
  3. After discussing about the specific WordPress plugin, our team of developers sits down and starts developing it.

Why Choose VATask.com for Customized WordPress Development Services

  1. Our team design and develop custom WordPress design that can be easily maintained and updated by non-tech savvy people.
  2. The source code of your website and blog are kept highly secure and confidential.
  3. We’ll provide 24/7 online support to solve any issues you may have via Skype, Email, Phone, or other instant messenger
  4. Our dedicated and highly trained team of WordPress development team will ensure that your site will load quickly, the navigation system works properly, and the site/blog is responsive in nature.

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VATask.com: Summary of Our Custom WordPress Website Design

For the past several years, VATask.com have designed and developed over 100 custom WordPress design and custom plugins for all types of business. Whether you require a simple WordPress site/blog, or an advanced site, we can add great value to your online business.

If you were searching the Internet for a custom WordPress development services, then VATask.com is the right company that will offer you optimal business solution at affordable cost.

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