ecommerce website maintenance

Updating and maintaining your e-commerce website is one of the most important but overlooked tasks. Regular maintenance not only secures your website, but also makes it load faster and frees up problems for the end user.

Unfortunately, a lot of people ignore maintenance and run into massive problems later on.

When these problems arise in an e-commerce platform, it can be devastating. You instantly lose customers. People who cannot access your store will likely move on to a new one within minutes. For you, this is one of many sales lost.

So keeping your eCommerce maintained should be on the top of your to-do list. Below is a maintenance task checklist that you should perform regularly to ensure you don’t lose customers.

Changes in products – running an eCommerce business is an extremely hard task. This because products can change from a day to day and hour to hour basis.

You should keep your eCommerce website maintained by making sure you are changing the products as soon as you find a change has occurred by a manufacturer or by a re-seller.

During this maintenance phase, make sure you remove discontinued products, update descriptions and add other information if available.

Price changes – some products in nature have a very unstable price and may change from day to day. While some products may even need updates due to discounts and other factors.

No matter what the reason, make sure you keep a close eye on price changes and change them immediately. Also make a habit of informing your customers when a major price change is made or a discount is available.

Demo your checkout – the checkout process is often where most customers are lost. This is because several businesses ignore the checkout process and don’t think about the ease of use for their customers.

Regularly run through your checkout process as a customer to see if your checkout sessions are running smooth and without problem. The payment gateway is often the root cause of all troubles in an ecommerce website. So keeping it maintained is absolutely critical.

Update stocks – many eCommerce websites forget to update their stocks. This can cause a lot of trust issues with customers.

If a product is out of stock, make sure you update it on your system. Otherwise if a customer ends up paying for the product and you tell them the product was out of stock in the first place to begin with, it will cause serious issues and you may permanently lose your customer.

Security updates – no matter what CMS you are running, security maintenance is perhaps the most important bit of website maintenance.

Remember, a lot of sensitive data of your customer is stored on your ecommerce platform. If you ignore security updates or maintenance, there is a huge risk of losing that data to hackers.

If you allow letting your customers data to lose, they will never trust shopping with you again. So make sure that you have no compromises for security.

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