Stop doing work you don’t need to do!

Let a reliable eBay Virtual Assistant take on those jobs that take up your time.

Hiring an eBay Virtual Assistant

Running an eBay business properly is not a kid’s play. It needs hard work and a good time to make it profitable.

VATask is a way of buying time for you and your business, which means you will be free to move things forward like never before, and achieve those goals in less time. Who could argue with that?

An eBay virtual assistant can make your projects more efficient by taking on those tasks that take time out of your day. You can instead be focussing on increasing your productivity and raising the potential of your business.

What The Tasks eBay Virtual Assistant Do


eBay Product Listing

Our eBay VA will list your products quickly and efficiently to save you the time. You will also get the extra advantages of optimized title, optimized description, keywords, feature updates, etc.


eBay Description Writing for Your Products

For this you need the best possible title and description, and this is what we can provide. We will present your products relevant content keywords to promote your search engine visibility.

Image Editing and Cropping

To make your images eye-catching and showing your products as clear and presentable, we offer image editing software services that include cropping, resizing and retouching. High quality images have been proven to increase sales, so we make use of product photos to improve the shopping experience.

eBay Order Processing

We can process your orders to ensure a reliable and speedy service for a job that is often overlooked.

eBay Price Research

Through our thorough research, we can ensure that the prices you sell your products at will give you the edge you need.

eBay Product Uploads Using Listing Software

We have expertise in using such listing software as Inkfrog, Sellbrite, Vendio, Turbo Lister and Blackthorne, and this allows us to list on more than one platform at any one time. It also allows us to upload multiple items at once, and to manage buyer feedback, the tracking of sales and auctions.

eBay Inventory Management

This service makes sure you are constantly aware of the status of your products, and how quickly they are reaching their destinations.

Managing an entire eBay catalog can be a tiring and lengthy job – especially when your catalog includes more than 50 products. Why would you do this by yourself?

Our expert eBay Virtual Assistants are specifically trained to deal with all eBay tasks so you can spend your money and time on developing your strategies, growing your business, and watching your sales margins soar!

eBay Competitor Analysis and Market Research

We look at your market and your competition and make an analysis of them in terms of size, prices, bids and listings. This helps us to see which techniques work best so we can apply them in selling your projects.

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Rather than spend hours on your eBay projects to make a business that works, allow us to show how we can launch your products in a way that saves your time AND your money.

Through methods of optimization and task management, a virtual assistant from us will change your business in a way you wouldn’t believe.

All you need to do is contact us today so that we can discuss your business needs, and we will get started on creating eBay listings with our winning formula.

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Our eBay Virtual Assistant Packages

This package perfect for eBay and (Shopify or Woocommerce or Bigcommerce), if you have more then two platform you will go our eCommerce virtual assistant packages.

What information eBay Virtual Assistant needs to start the work

  1. Login details of your eBay store.
  2. Product images(If you want us to source the images from the web, please send instructions)
  3. Product specifiaction, description, weight, pricing etc. or please send your supplier’s website link.
  4. Software login if you use any.


Frequently Asked

Does VA integrate multi-channel selling software/tools?
Yes, he/she can integrate multi-Channel selling software/tools.
Does EVA run profitable amazon PPC campaigns?
We trained all of our eBay virtual assistants about eBay Ads campaigns. We can run profitable to your targeted ACoS.
Does EVA Manage our shopify story?
We trained all of our eBay virtual assistants about Shopify. She/he can create/edit/update your product listing.
Does eBay virtual assistant manage our multi-channel?
Yes, he/she can integrate multi-Channel selling software/tools.
Does VA maintain our blog website?
Yes, he/she can. We trained all of our eCommerce virtual assistants about website webmaster.
eBay Virtual Assistant know SEO to optimize our online store?
Yes, he/she can. We trained all of our eBay virtual assistants about eCommerce SEO.

10 hours. $79.88 dollars. assigned an assistant.

10-hours trial gives you assigned an assistant to all eBay store tasks and jobs.

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