Ever since WordPress was launched, it has become one of the best online content manager software around the world. The WordPress CMS is easy to use and hence has allowed millions of people with little or no coding language to develop and edit their websites with just a few mouse clicks.

WordPress is now being used to host over 50 million websites around the world. The best part, it is entirely free to use with premium features available if you want to get into advanced customization.

Since working on the web is all about finding and using the right tools to make money, generate traffic or just gain a reliable follower base, you need a set of tools that can help you get these out of the box.

BizXpress is something that you can use to achieve everything listed above.

What is BizXpress?


BizXpress is an online collection of premium tools consisting of a complete site building guide that is aimed at the users of WordPress. The package was designed and developed by SiteSell, the same company that made the SBI! (Site Built It). SBI! is a complete package of tools and services that includes marketing, site building, software and hosting.

BizXpress is almost similar in nature to SBI! since it offers a complete package that gets you started with pushing your website to limits and make money.

What is included in the BizXpress package?

The BizXpress package is a toolkit that comprises of four main parts. These are:

  1. The Action Guide
  2. A Keyword Research Tool
  3. Knowledge Base For Business Information
  4. Support From Forum and Community


What to expect from the BizXpress toolkit?

BizXpress offers comprehensive tools set that you can use to fire up your efforts online and optimize your site to make money. Let’s look at the first thing offered in the package, the action guide:

1. The Action Guide

The BizXpress action guide is all about taking action. It is a step by step compromising of tutorials and knowledge about setting up and building a site, marketing it and growing your online business.

The guide is divided into 10 parts that takes you through many important steps of setting up your website using different methods like niche research, domain name creation and keyword research.

If that’s not all, the action guide also guides you to select the perfect hosting company for your new site, installation of WordPress on your site and the a list of recommended plugins that you can use to optimize your website for best performance.

The guide comes in written form as well as audio and video forms. It is up to you to use whichever form that works best for you.

Here are the 10 sections of the action guide as they appear on it:

  1. Working, understanding and mastering the basics
  2. Finding and developing website concept
  3. Finding topics and brainstorming them
  4. Research monetization ideas on your current topic
  5. Registration of domain name and refining your initial site concept
  6. Setting up a WordPress site with optimization and current trends in mind
  7. Getting free traffic to kick start your website
  8. Finding and developing online relationships
  9. Getting to know your visitors better
  10. Monetization of your website


2. BizXpress Keyword Research Tool

The BizXpress Keyword Research Tool is dubbed ‘Brainstorm it’. This is a high end keyword research tool that helps in discovery of potential keywords.

The tool itself utilizes data from WordTracker and other popular technologies that are commonly used by internet marketers to find and optimize keywords for their online business.

The Keyword Research Tool is on par with other popular keyword research tools. The reason why we recommend using BizXpress research tool is because the whole guide is based on using this tool.

You can also use a third party keyword research tool that you are familiar with, but working with BizXpress internal tools will get you the best results.


3. Knowledge Base Of Business Information

The Business Information section of the BizXpress is a collection of tutorials, e-books, how-to’s and other general information that will help you build a successful online business. When you have finally set up your first website, it is highly recommended to go through the sources provided to get knowledge about different and useful tactics that make you money.


4. Community Support And Forum

The best part of getting BizXpress is that you instantly get access to their private forum and community where all the industry experts and other newbies share information and techniques.

Be sure to check out the community and contribute your experience with BizXpress. If you’re nice, you’ll get some extremely helpful tips and tricks to build your business and take it to a whole new level. Plus you can always ask for help if you get stuck somewhere in the process.

Pricing Of BizXpress

Now that you know what BizXpress is all about, you are probably wondering how much the entire toolkit and resources will cost you to implement and use.

The good news is that BizXpress is free to try before you buy their complete package. The trial version or lite version consists of some features of the toolkit which should give you an idea on what to expect from the complete version.

The complete version of, also called the ‘Pro’ version which has the complete features and tools costs $149 per year.

Other Things To Note

If you love WordPress, BizXpress has also created a plugin for WP. This plugin can be installed on your site via accessing the dashboard of WP once you purchase the pro version of BizXpress.

The BizXpress plugin for WordPress serves as interface which has all the necessary information and resources built-in. This means you will never need to leave your WordPress dashboard in order to read some reliable sources provided by BizXpress.

However, the plugin is not recommended because you want to keep your WordPress free from any unnecessary plugins for best optimization and speed. The BizXpress plugin doesn’t do anything but give you an interface where you can access all the information that can also be checked independently through BizXpress’s own website.

But if you are an affiliate marketer, the good news is that you can add the BizXpress plugin and try to sell it to your readers. This is the only viable reason why you should install the plugin, otherwise we recommend accessing all the information independently.

Reasons To Buy/Use BizXpress For Your Website

After reading the above review, we’re sure you already have plenty of ideas on how you will likely use BizXpress to gain an edge over your competitors. We have compiled a list of other benefits and reasons that may have not crossed your mind already:

1. Instructional Guide

One of the biggest advantages of getting BizXpress is that it comes equipped with a comprehensive guide that details everything you want to know about building a killer website. It doesn’t just list down the basics, it is help in its finest form. Plus you get audio and visual help, where else would you get this much support?

2. Brainstorming at its best

BizXpress offers its high end keyword research tool for intensive brainstorming. While you may use Google to find out what the trends are in your niche, you can never find sensitive data your competitors are using to make money. If you have any hopes of defeating your competitors, you will need to do very intensive keyword research.

Thankfully, BizXpress ‘Brainstorm it!’ is all about brainstorming keywords. It will help you find and target keywords for a particular product or service that has less competition but has rich reach amongst viewers.

Since content is king when it comes to search engine optimization, you will now have powerful keywords to complement your great content and bring about massive traffic gains.

3. Consistent Updates

One of the best reasons to get BizXpress is that the guys responsible for the tool are always busy updating it with new information. We all know that Google has a habit of changing how they want their users to see data. Since this can be a great pain, BizXpress will help you greatly because they update their tools and resource guides as soon as Google drops a change-bomb.

4. Time Saving

The action guide previously previewed in this review is all about getting you up on the internet in as many as 10 days. The reason this guide is called ‘the action guide’ is because it is made up to promote action. Every step of the guide will help you get better and better results. You will no longer need to wait months to get online because the guide is giving you everything you need to get started and finish a great website.

5. Save Money

If you look around the internet, a simple keyword research tool can cost you anywhere from $10-$15 per month. Plus not to mention tutorials and guides all over the internet also cost a lot of money to acquire. With BizXpress, you are paying just $149 to get resources worth thousands of dollars and a keyword research tool for as long as you remain member.

6. Massive Community Support

As mentioned earlier, the BizXpress toolkit is used by hundreds and thousands of internet entrepreneurs from all over the world. Some of these gurus are actively available on the BizXpress community. They are ready to help you, guide you and if you make friends with them, they may even check your website and show you how to take your business to a whole new level.

Plus as a new user, you can also share your journey with others and list down any problems you faced and the solution to them. If you get stuck, you may even find help in the forums and community of BizXpress. This is a great feature since you are getting absolute free technical support from industry experts.

7. Great Customer Support

If the forum and community access is not your thing, you can also get support from the official customer support portal of BizXpress. Expect to get replies within 24 hours for any problem you are facing.


BizXpress gives you plenty of information and training resources that will get you started. Even if you are completely new to WordPress, you will find a lot of beginner level information that will get you into the right path.

BizXpress’s aim is to help anyone who decides to set up a website, make money. So if you are setting up a website with income in your mind, the resource guides, the research tools and community support that you get with BizXpress is all geared towards that one goal; make money online.

One of the reasons why people do not end up making any form of income through their website, blog or online store is due to not correctly choosing the keywords. Since BizXpress has already included a highend keyword research tool for you to use free of cost, you will be glad that you got this package.

The keyword research tool will also help pick profitable niches if you are not sure about what topics you should choose. So even if you have no idea where to begin, the niche tool along with all the resources and guides will teach you to detect profitable niches in a matter of minutes. There is a high chance you will come across a niche that you can easily write about and manage without getting into too many details.

The BizXpress complete resource guide and toolkit is an essential business partner that should be with anyone who is just beginning their online venture. The whole idea of the toolkit is to welcome new comers to the world of making money online. So be confident and get in the membership section and you will be provided with all the necessary tools and resources others are using to make millions online!

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