While there are numerous WordPress ecommerce plug-ins available to be grabbed from the market today, not all will suit your needs.

The underlining question that might arise is, what exactly are you in search of?

Are you planning on building an online store?

Are you planning on selling eBooks and other internet oriented services?

Well, the plugins will entirely depend on the nature of your business.

Deciding on the right ecommerce plugins can be highly critical as some of them are poorly coded, extremely hard to use, have security loopholes while others simply slow down your website.

Needless to say, the perfect plugins will provide you with a greater platform which will encourage growth in the long run, attract more customers and give you the best ratings.

While everyone will highlight each plugin with great advantages, never forget to check them yourself. Either the people are misled, hypocritical, trying to sell it or simply have a clandestine motive.

In order to find out about the best WordPress plugins for your ecommerce site, you need to consider the following:

  • Nature of your ecommerce website
  • Payment gateways ( will they support your settings)
  • Will it suit the existing theme or will I need add-ons.
  • Will there be an existing support system in the time of need?
  • Do they fit my budget?
  • Will the plugins satisfy my website needs?
  • Will it slow down my website?

After you have the above mentioned questions and queries answered, consider your tasks downhill from there onwards!

For this very reason, we bring you the top 10 WordPress ecommerce plugins which are not only reliable, but also play a vital role in enhancing your website, bridging you and your online clients and last but not the least, they will serve the purpose perfectly!

Choose the ones that fit your business needs and gain the right opportunities for the online growth.

1. WooCommerce

woocommerce ecommerce pluginsWooCommerce is an open source shopping cart plugin which was introduced in 2001. Needless to say, it has not only gained the desired recognition, but has enabled most businesses to reach a peak of their success.

While it is free to be downloaded and used, it however is not free when the web hosting and other advanced features come into the picture.

Highlighting Features

  • User Friendly
    WooCommerce is a highly user friendly plugin which most online merchants use. Merely visit the plugin page, click ‘Add’, ‘Install’ and ‘Activate’, Voila! You are done. This is as easy as it can get!
  • Device Friendly
    WooCommerce is all device friendly and this is an added feature! While you can easily manage your site from your phone or the tablet, so can your customers check out your site from anywhere and everywhere.
  • Location Analysis
    This plugin will help you simplify your customers’ delivery addresses while additionally calculating taxes and shipping costs.
  • Product Organization
    Easily categorize your products and services with different options and make your site look presentable.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    This plug in will not only support the SEO features but will aid in further SEO practices.
  • Google Analytics
    The Woocommerce reports will help you observe the customer visits, web traffic, business growth trends via statistics and also reveal your profits, costs and other similar aspects.

While being free for download, filled with added features, easy to use, what more could you ask for?

Payment Processing

Here are WooCommerce’s out-of-the-box payment capabilities:

  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Check Payment
  • Cash on Delivery
  • PayPal
  • Simplify Commerce (US only)

Add-on payment gateways include the following popular options:

  • Amazon Payments
  • Stripe
  • Authorize.Net
  • PayPal Pro/Advanced/Express
  • FirstData
  • Braintree

See the full list here.

WooCommerce’s app store features almost 400 extensions.  You can find the 100+ best list of WooCommerce’s extensions here.

2. WP eCommerce

wp eCommerce

WP ecommerce is a WordPress plugin which is also user friendly while it empowers you to sell everything online easily, swiftly and perfectly! Although WP ecommerce is free to download, the added features will need to be downloaded on purchase.

The best feature about this plugin is that it easily customizes the HTML and CSS so that you as an owner, have a perfect managerial perspective towards your eStore while it can get controlled and observed without trouble.

Highlighting Features

  • Customizable
    Manage easily with HTML and CSS and improve your eStore.
  • Various payment gateways integration
    Payment options being limited can cause a lot of distress. Worry no more as WP ecommerce plugin offers you ‘PayPal, Google Checkout, Chronopay, Manual, etc’ as the basic payment options. For a higher level of payment options, easily upgrade the system and find additional payment gateways.
  • Various built in tools
    Tools are offered for marketing, managing and selling of the products effortlessly.
  • Easy Shipping
    With the ease of integration with well known courier service providers, shipping will seem stress free. With built in features, you can manage the shipping times, dates, addresses and lots more.
  • Sell anything
    Sell everything easily with WP ecommerce plugin whether it a membership, an online subscription or downloading services. All can be achieved smoothly.

Payment Processing

Here are WP eCommerce out-of-the-box payment capabilities:

  • Paypal Standard
  • Paypal Express / Pro
  • Stripe
  • Braintree
  • Authorize.net
  • FirstData
  • SagePay

3. Easy Digital Downloads

easy digital downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is a rather simple WordPress plugin. While it provides you with multiple added features, it is known to suit websites in a way that it doesn’t make them slow or pause.

It is super light and with the impressive checkout system, your customers can swiftly download more than one file simultaneously without trouble.

Further features include:

  • Smoothness
    Since Easy Digital Downloads is light in weight, it enables your website to run smoothly without pauses. With this, neither you nor your customers will have to worry about a slow website.
  • Customer Experience
    With EDD, your loyal customers receive their very own profiles from where they can view their previous purchases, transactions and lots more.
  • Various Themes
    Easy Digital Downloads is known to integrate with 90% of the WordPress themes easily, however EDD also has multiple built in themes which are awesome and user friendly if you don’t need additional downloads.
  • Support System
    The support from the backend is great with this plugin. Apart from the videos, step by step tutorials and blogs, you can also take help from chat-rooms and much more.

Extensions available for analytical reports, payment gateways, widgets, licensing, featured products.

4. iThemes Exchange


If you want to ditch the monthly fees structures and control your online business requirements  according to your needs, this plugin is made for you!

While this plugin does wonders when selling products from an online store, it is also perfect for a simple WordPress blog.

The added features include:

  • All product support
    iThemes Exchange is vital for most businesses as this plugin allows you to manage physical products as well as digital downloads. If you desire to sell membership or subscription packages, you need to purchase the add-on features.
  • Swift Set up
    Download and installation is super easy but that’s not it! After activation, the plugin leads you to the wizard setup where you can find the perfect options and set your eStore accordingly.
  • Free and Free
    Not only the download is free but the stripe add-ons are also totally free for unlimited usage.

5. Jigoshop

jigoshop ecommerce plugin

JigoShop is also a UK based open source plugin which is user friendly and offers multiple features.

The recent version is listed as Jigoshop 1.11.4 and surprisingly, contrary to popular belief, it is the father of WooCommerce.

Yes! It is true. While it has a discreet code base, it is also free to use and does not slow down your site.

The Features include:

  • User Friendly
    It is very easy to use as it is created according to the WordPress standards and with the intuitive user interface, you can swiftly theme, organize and manage your eStore.
  • Performance Results
    Jigoshop allows you to monitor your business’s performance levels with the help of its admin dashboard where you can view graphs, statistics, stock reports, orders done and undone as well as the customer reviews.
  • Multiple Themes
    This plugin offers its users more than 30 customizable themes which suit your professional needs. The themes fall into two categories named as official themes and external themes. Whether you own a fashion based eStore or a library, there is a theme for you!
  • Best Payment options
    As its payment package, Jigoshop offers FuturePay, Direct Bank Transfer, PayPal, Checks and most interestingly, Cash on Delivery. Isn’t that great?
Payment Options
  • PayPal Standard,
  • Bank transfer
  • Checks
  • FuturePay
  • And cash upon delivery

As built-in payment options, and you can choose which you’d like to use as the default option. If you’re not satisfied with the built-in options, there are several paid payment gateway integrations available, including popular processors like Braintree, Stripe, Authorize.net Pro (AIM, DPM, SIM) or Authorize.net CIM, PayPal Pro, First Data, and Skrill.


shopp ecommerce plugin

Shopp is another amazing plugin which offers unlimited flexibility to the developers and merchants. Let’s take a look at the features it offers, below:

  • Performance
    Shopp is known to deliver quality results by going great lengths through the WordPress site structure.With separate custom database tables, not only the performance of the site gets better but it also enables the pages to download and be browsed faster.The summary table, for instance compiles all product prices and enables for swifter and simplified queries.
  • Product Support
    Shopp is profound in aiding to sell all sorts of products ranging from physical goods as well as digital products.The subscription and membership options can be available without the need of purchasing further extensions.
  • Security
    As it passes the PCI exposure scans daily, the plugin serves as a shield from all security threats. With Shopp, your eStore and your customers, both will be in good hands!
  • Free Support
    On the other hand, Shopp does not offer any free support like other plug ins. If you desire to take help from forums, you will have to pay!

Built-in Payment and Shipping Options

  • Google Checkout
  • PayPal Express or Standard,
  • 2Checkout
  • and Manual/Offline payments.

There are paid add-ons for favorites such as Authorize.net, Braintree, FirstData, PayPal Advanced and PayPal Pro, SagePay.

7. Shopify

shopify ecommerce plugin

Shopify is another great plugin which supports you in end to end solutions for your online WordPress sites.

While it is easy to use, it is also supportive of the SSL basic requirements. You no longer will have to worry about integration!

Further features highlight:

  • Simple to use
    It is simple to activate and set up. Beginners can find this extremely useful.
  • Marketing Aspects
    Shopify provides its users with multiple marketing tools which other plugins don’t. What good is a store if you cannot promote it wisely?With Shopify, you can use marketing strategies such as direct customer emails, AdWords and simply build landing pages as well.As for Search Engine Optimization, this plugin builds unique, clean codes which enable you to add custom Title tags, meta descriptions, sitemaps as well as other added SEO solutions.
  • Customer Support
    It often gets hard to attend to each customer online and satisfy his/her needs. With Shopify, provide your customers with a facility to know about your business without any trouble.How? Shopify provides a great database of FAQs, email responses, chat support and a phone call helpline service as well!With Shopify, you never have to worry about being alone as there is another person handling your customers for you!

8. Ecwid

ecwid ecommerce plugin

If you want simplicity and cleanliness, this plugin is made for your ease. By simply creating a new page on your existing website, you can then paste the HTML code that is provided.

! Then you can further set it up according to your needs. Ecwid eStores are clean with simple designs.

In case you desire something unique, you can use CSS custom codes and build something new! Ecwid also guards your data by using the SSL encryptions.

Other features include:

  • Customer Experience
    Ecwid offers your loyal customers a separate signing up option where they can create an account and view their purchases, orders, etc. This leaves a great impression on the customers.
  • Payment made Easy
    With more than 25 payment systems listed, what more could you ask for? Some of them include HSBC, Authorize.net, PayPal, etc. Some of the payment options will require additional monthly fee but PayPal can be used by using the basic package.
  • Mobile Friendly
    Ecwid plugin is all device friendly. With this, your site will appear perfectly on the customer’s phone or tablet with the right dimensions.

9. WP eStore

The ninth contender in our list is WP eStore. This is a comprehensive eCommerce plugin which has been available since 5 years.

It is great to be used for both digital and physical products and as far as membership is concerned, that is supported perfectly too.

The downside is that it is not free, however you can use it on unlimited sites and use is features.

  • Installation
    When it comes to installation, WP eStore opens a new menu item only for managing your eStore. On this page, you can control and edit the settings, product settings, customers, sales statistics, etc.On the other hand, you will have to build the plugin pages yourself as it doesn’t not happen on its own. For your ease, the plugin comes along with a video tutorial, so don’t worry if you get stuck!
  • Product Categorization
    The product categorization WP eStore offers is great. While creating each category can be time consuming in the beginning, the pro is that you can add multiple snapshots and multiple features per product. You can add prices, delivery charges, etc.
  • Customer Experience
    The customers can easily view your site, its products and know about the prices and charges in one look. You can also add the shopping cart on the top side of the page so that your customers can purchase away without trouble.

Payment Options

WP eStore offers a few payment gateway options, including PayPal, a manual payment method (i.e., checks), Authorize.net DPM (redirected to an Authorize.net pay page), and 2Checkout.

If you want work with a different payment gateway, you can purchase a payment gateways add-on for $40 that includes other options from PayPal, Authorize.net, SagePay, Stripe, and more.

10. WP Deposit

WPdeposit WordPress plugin allows you to establish a monetary system on your website with ease.

It enables your customers to deposit finances on their accounts from which they can easily use for different advertisements and subscriptions. If sending money to another user was an issue before, WP deposit will solve it effortlessly.

  • Payment Gateways
    The payment gateways include PayPal, iDeal, BluePay, Bank transfer, Authorize.net, etc.
  • Added Features
    The added features include a comprehensive admin panel for the deposit plugin to be setup, deposit history and tracking details and a short code to view the user’s existing balance.There is a test mode option present as well while there is a developer guide so that he/she can build a customized module.
  • Easy to use
    WP deposit in not only easy to setup, install and activate but is also extremely to use. Beginners can consider this as an advantage.
  • Automatic Updates
    You no longer have to worry about updating this plugin anymore. Neither do you have to spend hundreds of dollars nor your precious time as the updates will be automatic according to your evolving needs.

While these 10 awesome plugins must have made your day, the question is how you can avail them! If you have fallen in love with some of them and are eager to get them for your WordPress website, We are the answer to your prayers!

We are a onestop shop for all your web and technology solutions. We provide all online developers, merchants and bloggers with WordPress theme customization services so that you can sit back and relax while they do the job for you!

We have been in this field since many years and profound in designing and developing custom WordPress themes.

We not only provide high quality services but have the ability to take your existing online business one step ahead effortlessly.

Take a look at the other 11 plugins which are sure to fit your business needs, be it a fashion clothing eStore, a jewelry eStore or simply a virtual products website.

11. WP EasyCart

Beginners and even experienced entrepreneurs often get confused when it comes to choosing the right plugins for their eCommerce, WordPress sites. While it entirely depends on your goals, business theme and its nature, most plugins are likely to suit your needs. The question is, which ones?

With a large pool of plugins available, you can likely be mislead or fall prey to the marketing gimmicks. Here, WP Easy Cart is one of the newbies when it comes to plugins.

It was launched almost 6-8 months ago, however it covers all your website requirements. The features include:

  • Costs
    There is no initial cost! Isn’t that great? WP EasyCart can be downloaded for free from the WordPress.org and can be set up easily.However, the hidden issue is that you also need to download the store administration plugin on a trial period along with it in order to control your customers’ orders. While the initial download of this plug in is free, if you get the hang of it, you can purchase it on a onetime cost and explore further features.
  • Installation and Setup
    The installation is easy and so is the setup. Call it a downside, the plug in is not designed like WordPress so you have to go through all the settings in order to know what it truly offers. The pages are not automatically set up either.The advantage is that since the setup menu is so comprehensive, you can create pages, change your eStore layout, theme and everything else from the same place.
  • Customer Experience
    The customer experience is surely perfect as the website appears totally user friendly and the products/services can be viewed in a list or a grid form. The customers can add the products to the cart too and the product detailing options are also very cool. If making loyal customers is your goal, this plugin is for you.

12. ShopperPress

ShopperPress is one of the coolest plugins available in the market to be grabbed. Not only does it offer unique features, but also has different modes which present different features.

Modes namely, Amazon, Catalogue, Instant download and Credit system. Each of these modes has different options, so choose your favorite!
The top hidden Features include:

  • Front-End Design

ShopperPress offers more than 25 built in front end layout themes which are great for all sorts of eStores. While the initial layout will remain the same for everyone, by exploring the designs, you can choose any for free and make your website attractive.

  • Bulk Products

A highlighting feature includes the fact that you can add bulk products on your site without any trouble.  By letting you import your products in the CSV form, you no longer will have to add each product manually.

  • Support

The best part is the free support from the Google analytics, Webmaster and Adsence. Now you can measure your eStore’s performance, ratings, customer visits and everything seamlessly. You can also enjoy SEO solutions by being available through top search engines.

  • Other Features

Other features include advert slots, 15+ payment gateways, order sorting out options, traffic statistics and lots more.

13. MarketPress

Marketpress is another great plugin which is packed with amazing features. Who needs add-ons and extensions when you have Marketpress doing everything for you! The highlighting features include:

  • Tailored to Requirements
    This plug in is easily customizable according to your online needs. When it comes to themes, it offers beautiful themes with great color combos and layouts which can be used without the hassle of coding.The CSS preset styles give you an upper hand too. The widgets are powerful and the products can be viewed with zoom options effortlessly.
  • Payment Gateways
    MarketPress not only supports almost all famous payment gateways but also accepts numerous currencies. This is a plus for businesses who deliver worldwide to customers.
  • Simplified Short codes
    When it comes to codes, everyone freaks out.Don’t fret, as with Marketpress, styling and organizing the eStore will seem smooth and easy. You won’t have to edit codes at all while you can easily edit the layouts and added functions within a few minutes.
  • Helping Hand
    This plug-in offers you an inclusive documentation point from where you can gain all the knowledge you need if you ever face troubles regarding anything at all!

14. Ready! (Ecommerce Shopping Cart)

Ready! can also be considered as a newbie in the plug-in world as it is no more than 2 years old. While it still needs recognition, the advantage it offers is that it can be downloaded for free. Other features contain:

  • Themes:
    Ready! offers a list of built in themes which can be explored, set up and launched without trouble. While some are totally free of cost, others need to be purchased before usage.
  • Usability
    The installation is free, setting up and usability is great too. The setting up is comprehensive as it offers multiple options on the main menu.However, you might want to change your currency mode to US dollar as the preset is on EU currency. The menu might seem different from the other plug ins as well but on the whole, it is great.
  • Products
    The product layout, descriptions, add to cart and the viewing options are outstanding. Ready! Offers you the options of managing the short product descriptions, it’s length as well as the long descriptions. You can easily add product prices, weights and dimensions.

All in one

Download Now

15. Selz eCommerce

Selz is known to be stomping the market with its outstanding features of being free, easy of usage as well as for marketing purposes.

Selz can make everyone’s life simpler as it does all the tasks for you without you worrying about them. The features comprise of:

  • Overall Price
    The overall price of Selz is far less than the other plugins on the market. While they charge monthly fee and other add-on costs, Selz is known to charge from you only when you sell something.You can avail a free online store, a free Facebook store, customer administration as well as unlimited storage space.After 5 successful sales, you can avail the monthly package at nominal costs.
  • Simplified Usage
    Selz offers all online merchants with the simplest, most nontechnical setup options ever available. From the installation to the final step, every bit is super easy as the dashboard is quite intuitive.
  • Payment Options
    What Selz offers is different from the rest. Instead of creating a merchant account or grabbing external payment gateways, the built in features include the option of accepting around the globe credit cards which directly deposit funds to either the owner’s PayPal account or the bank account.
  • Security Solutions
    Selz is a plugin which ensures your security levels are intact so that your customer and you can stay safe. The security system is PCI compliant and is encrypted on SSL so that the data can stay safe.
  • Delivery System
    The automatic delivery systems offers a unique feature of updating and sending essential info to your clients automatically so that you don’t need to spend time sending notes or messages to everyone.
  • Other Features
    While there are loads of other features, the SEO solutions offer you to rank higher on all major search engines and makes sure you are available and easily findable for the customers online.As for analytics, you can measure your eStore’s performance, outcome, progress, customers, visitors and everything else via Google Analytics.

16. CartPress

The CartPress is a WordPress integrated plug-in which is definitely a plus as it supports all WordPress themes and plugins without causing trouble. It has gained recognition amongst various online merchants because of its easy to use options, great management options, etc. This plug-in comprises of:

  • International Advantage
    The advantage of CartPress is that it supports the sales to international countries effortlessly. While it supports mainly all major currencies, their country’s taxes, delivery options, etc, it is ideal for merchants who deal globally.You can also convert the weight units into international weight units and be sure to deliver the right amounts to your customers.
  • Product Options
    CartPress supports all downloadable, virtual and physical products. You can manage different product stores and give each of them different designs and layouts by the help of WordPress template hierarchy.In case you have products which need audio promotion, the inbuilt audio features are your go to!
  • Customer Database
    With Cartpress, you no longer have to worry about dealing with and managing your customers individually. With bulk email options, you can reach them simultaneously with monthly messages.With a customer history record, you can manage their names, addresses, phone numbers and orders. You can also provide your customers with their own accounts for their ease.
  • Payment Gateways
    With Cartpress you can enjoy online as well as offline payment methods. The payment gateways it supports are PayPal, Authorize.net and direct bank transfer. It also supports the payment gateway plugins and extensions such as PayMate, Ceca, PayFlow, etc.
  • Themes
    Cartpress supports and offers its users a range of themes like none other. You can create a unique theme for your website by using the powerful tools Cartpress offers and attract your customers.

17. QuickShop

QuickShop is a free plugin which can easily be downloaded, activated and setup for immediate use. WP QuickShop is ideal for merchants who are interested in selling cosmetics, jewelry items or even spare parts. Why so?

Because it allows your customers to browse through a lot of products easily without navigating on multiple pages. This works well for bulk selling/buying as well. Added features include:

  • User Friendly
     While it is free to be used, it also has a user friendly layout which allows the owner of the site to swiftly browse through the options. Simply add the chest, add items you want to sell on the chest, edit their dimensions, prices and other details, Voila!
  • Bulk Item Support
     Perfect for online shops, where the seller can display accessories, clothes, food items or even spare parts of cars, gears, etc. QuickShop allows you to manage bulk products perfectly for displaying and selling.
  • Payment Options
     QuickShop only works with Paypal. For the ease of the customers, you can give them an ultimate experience by free shipping options on a certain amount of products too.


  • Easy to use
  • Togglable Display Item on top of chest
  • NBT Data, Enchants, Tool Damage, Potion and Mob Egg support
  • Unlimited chest support
  • Blacklist support & bypass permissions
  • Shops that buy items and sell items at the same time are possible (Using double chests)
  • Herochat support
  • Checks a player can open a chest before letting them create a shop!
  • UUID support


  • An old ‘how to use’ by UltiByte here
  • A more recent ‘how to use’ by VariationVault here
  • Installation guide by Netherfoam here

18. DukaPress

Dukapress is an open source plugin which is built on the WordPress standards, hence supporting other extensions and plugins. This plugin is perfect for building an online shop to sell all sorts of products. It supports digital, downloadable as well as tangible products. The features contain:

  • Payment GatewaysDukapress supports numerous payment gateways which is definitely a plus. It works with Paypal, Alertpay and other mobile payment options.
  • Built in ThemesDukapresss offers multiple built in themes to be chosen from. If you don’t like the initial design, simply switch to the ones from the list and improve you website according to your business goals.
  • MarketingThis plugin allows you to promote and sell affiliate products by linking two or more products. Not only will this aid in promotion but will also increase sales significantly.

19. Cashie Commerce

Cashie commerce allows you to sell everything online with ease. Cashie works well with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Typepad, etc. The best part is that you don’t need any technical knowledge before you get started with Cashie Commerce. Further features comprise of:

  • Sell face to face
    Cashie offers you with an option to sell your products to all your customers in person as well. You can switch your site to a point of sale system and exhibit your products on local exhibitions, events and fairs.
  • Promotions
    With cashie by your side, give your customers the best of the best. You can offer your customers discount options, coupons and sales. This can be edited on the entire stock or selected items.
  • SEO Support
    Cashie commerce gives you a thorough Search engine support so that your customers can reach you through Bing and Google easily. With further SEO options, you can maintain your meta descriptions, tags and pictures.
  • Security
    This plug in secures your site from the PCI standards so that none of your data is harmed or stolen in any way possible.

20. Zingiri Web Shop

If you are searching for a profound content management system, Zingiri Web Shop is your answer. It is a great plugin which is feature enriched, extremely easy to use while it’s installation and activation is also pretty simple. The main features highlight:

  • Installation
    From downloading to installing to configuring, every step is very self explanatory and user friendly.
  • Product Support
    On Zingiri Web shop, you can sell both digital and physical products without any trouble.
  • Payment Solutions
    The payment solutions Zingiri Web shop offers are PayPal, Worldpay and Google checkout. While many plugins only support 1 payment gateway, Zingiri is known to support the top 3.
  • Multi-lingual Options
    The best feature about Zingiri is how it offers almost all languages so that you can communicate with your customers globally with ease.

The top languages include: English, Russian, German, Spanish, Estonian, Finish, Greek, Hungarian, Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Slovak, Thai, Turkish and Serbian.

21. WP shopping Cart

If selling online products is your forte, then why wait when you have the best at hand?

WP Shopping Cart is a great plugin which is perfect for your WordPress website as it enables you to sell all sorts of products seamlessly without any extra efforts. The main features include:

  • Payment System
    The payment system with WP shopping cart is totally different and easy when it comes to all plugins in the market.While ensuring different payment gateways might have been a hassle before, now with this plugin, checkout the simplified way.By automatically sending invoices regarding your payment, taxes and shipping details, both you and your customers can stay hassle free.
  • Currency Support
    The currency support system helps you reach your customers in Countries across the globe easily. You can easily identify the tax and the currency for a specific country and it can be linked to your shopping cart which aids in a swift delivery.
  • Discount System
    The WP Shopping Cart helps you provide your customers with the best customer experience by offering discount and sales coupons.You can do this by either setting a code for the discount offer or simply set a discount without the code. This will keep your customers motivated, happy and engaged.
  • Multi-lingual Solutions
    Different extensions are supported by WP shopping cart which allows your products, categories and other options to convert into a different language.You can choose between qTransate X or WPML.

Payment Methods

  • PayPal (Standard & Pro)
  • PayGate (XML)
  • 2CheckOut
  • MoneyBookers
  • Google Checkout
  • First Data (Linkpoint & YourPay)
  • eMatters (HTTPS POST)
  • LUCY (Cynergy Data)
  • Realex Payments (Realauth redirect & remote)
  • eMatters (HTTPS)
  • Ogone PSP (Basic e-Commerce)
  • Authorize.net (AIM)
  • eWay (Shared)
  • Virtual Merchant
  • WorldPay
  • credit card (Manual POS)
  • Bank wire and manual/custom payments.

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