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100+ Best WooCommerce Plugins & Addons for WordPress

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

What can actually increase the quantity of sales and conversions is undoubtedly the liberty of sharing one’s own wishlist.

You can also share on Social Media Sites which can ultimately boost sales. When friends and relatives will be in search of your clients’ wishlist for purchasing a gift, the volume of your sales will reach the apex during birthdays and events.

The users of your ecommerce website can add their desired products in a wishlist page. In anticipation of including the products in the wishlist page, this plugin allows you to include a link in every product detail page. A particular page will be generated by this plugin and your visitors can add the products here.

user-friendly WooCommerce plugin. It will be all set to work after just installing it.

It generates an uncomplicated search bar that gives users instantaneous search results, by recommending users your WooCommerce store products depending on the searched keywords.

This plugin is very valuable to help the visitors when they search your website for desired products. Just a keyword is required to enter and this plugin will help the users to bear the irritation of browsing all the categories turn by turn.

The desired product will appear immediately. This plugin will have the access of your database and will work just like Google Suggest. It will always show perfect search results.

WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

This plugin is a very user-friendly WooCommerce plugin. It will be all set to work after just installing it. It generates an uncomplicated search bar that gives users instantaneous search results, by recommending users your

WooCommerce store products depending on the searched keywords.

This plugin is very valuable to help the visitors when they search your website for desired products. Just a keyword is required to enter and this plugin will help the users to bear the irritation of browsing all the categories turn by turn.

The desired product will appear immediately. This plugin will have the access of your database and will work just like Google Suggest. It will always show perfect search results.

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WooCommerce plugin extension that let your visitors to contrast your site products. They can see the differentiation of products they selected in single comparison table.

A simple widget can be included with the products list included by customers. You can supervise it smoothly. Different styles (templates) can be used for the comparison table. It is completely attuned with WPML.

If you want to boost your sales or make the user experience better then this plugin is perfect for you. It lets the users (buyers) of your website to examine in depth the products quality. A zoom effect can be introduced so that your visitors can view all products closely. A slider can also be added.


Avid Subscribers

Particular products can be filtered with the help of this plugin. It allows you to apply your desired filters according to your requirements e.g dropdown, list, label and color etc.

It is a tremendously useful WooCommerce plugin to let buyers discover what they really desire. All this may be achieved in a fast and very spontaneous way that will surely assist your WooCommerce store ameliorate the user experience and quality.

It is an amazing WooCommerce extension. For confirming orders of your clients, this extension generates a PDF invoice along with the emails. You can also change the template. Packing slips and invoice can be printed and downloaded with this extension.

If you are looking for converting your ecommerce site into multilingual store then this plugin is the one which will help you to achieve this aim. You can increase the number of sales by making your website understandable to non-English people.

This plugin helps the customers choose their language and all the pages of your website will be converted into their chosen language.

This plugin has hundreds of filters that allow you to modify labels, button text and so many other things. PHP code is needed to be written in order to utilize them.

This plugin is useful for fast change testing. Your customizations can be added to the settings page provided by this plugin. The additions can be save without any requirement of changing templates or writing any code.

This plugin allows you to make customization in your checkout page. With the help of this plugin conditional fields can be created, default state can be set, data picker can be added, information can be held for different fields, fields can be limited according to user roles and more fields can be added or hid on the checkout page.

Discount fields or tax fields can also be added according to the requirement.

It is a noncomplex and easy to use plugin that creates a list / grid toggle button to your product archives letting customers to clasp between list / grid outlooks of your WooCommerce store products. Products can be arranged in list in vertical way.

It helps to show a comprehensive overview. You can also select whether you want to set list or grid view as the default view.

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WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Module

There are some by-default shipping options in WooCommerce but they are not customizable. WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin lets your customers know the costs according to their shipment location.

This plugin is available free of cost. You can set handling fees, tiered shipping prices (according to product weight), unlimited rates and unlimited shipping zones with the help of this plugin.

WooCommerce Colors

A new section is created in the menu with the help of which Woocommerce elements and color of buttons can be changed.

If you want to add the best shopping cart to your site then this plugin must be your primary choice. It contains cart total option, item count and icon addition option. The style can also be changed (with CSS coding). The default template is also nice.

This plugin lets you do the analysis of traffic sources, popular content and reader behavior on your ecommerce site.

You can analyze the way of your customers products searching with the help of which you can understand which referrals and which products are more convertible.

This plugin lets you view item details, more images and include it to cart by staying in the same page.

It is simple and user friendly to install and use. The shopping experience becomes better with the help of YITH WooCommerce Quick View.

WooCommerce Shortcodes

Wocommerce 2.2 or later is needed for this plugin. It is issues under license of GPL. It includes dropdown menu. It does not create shortcodes.

Do you wish for including a vast number of features to WooCommerce in single click? Woocommerce has to be installed then.

This is free of cost. WooCommerce export tools, WPML translation booster, additional admin tools, custom payment gateways, mini checkout cart, automated SKUs, crowdfunding, bookings support, price labels, custom button, wholesale pricing, price option, price formats, exchange rates and currencies rates ad-ons are included in this plugin.

Now with the help of this plugin Seo options can be added in very simple and free way. With the help of this plugin, you can add title attributes, menu title, keywords, description, meta details and disabling product options.
This plugin is a simple means of importing the new inventory for your business and moving from any platform to woocommerce. Around ten thousand products can be imported with the help of CSV file.

This can be done by mapping columns to fields in WooCommerce. Then you may include all products by importing.

Your orders can be managed in a sequence with the help of this plugin. You can deliver order in chronological order which is efficient and best way. This plugin follows a sequence. It is effective and simple to use.
If you are looking to match your woocommerce store with geneses theme then this plugin is very useful for you.

When you install this, it will replace all your templates. It also functions well with Genesis Simple menus and Genesis Simple Sidebars.

This plugin lets you to modify product archives of WooCommerce. Modify the quantity of product columns and the quantity of products shown per page.

Clasp the exhibit of important elements and facilitate a few that are not available in WooCommerce core for example product categories and stock levels.

This plugin lets you filter products by price, products custom taxonomies, products tags, products attributes and categories.

It is very flexible. Html items and templates can be created by developers by using this plugin.

This store exporter contains a lot of filters and options which cn be used to create advanced exports according to needs of the store.

You can also choose the default export to start “ready to use” exports. It keeps up updating and makes sure it is compatible with the newest WooCommerce updates.

The problem of importing each and every product in woocommerce is a difficult and time taking task.

You have to list each and every product and upload its picture separately. But with this plugin you can just import the whole range of products in XML or CSV format to woocommerce.

Registering and making an account on an e-commerce site is a laborious task and customers usually don’t want to do it.

As a result they leave your site and you lose a customer. But this plugin enables them to login your e-commerce site from their social media accounts. The login process usually take seconds.

There is a need for maintenance in the online store several times. But what to do during the maintenance? If you offline the site it would affect your business and you may lose the rankings on search engine and potential customers.

But this plugin will solve the problem and it will convert your online store to a catalog mode and it will disable the buying option and your site will be a product displaying site.

A simple problem often faced by the customers is the display of the price in a different currency than theirs. This plugin will convert the price from another currency to the customer’s preferred currency in a real time.
Discounts are usually offered by the online stores to customers for buying the product in bulk quantity. But the calculation of this discount needs dynamic pricing system.

This plugin will activate this pricing system. You can set up the discount percentage according to the different quantities. It will then reduce the price according to the quantity selected by customer.

It is an important plugin for advertising campaigns. This plugin generates code for inserting in different places like carts, pages to track the conversions. It gives you an idea where the most conversion is happening so as to give you the idea for improving the pages where conversion rate is not good.
Woocommerce is one of the most trusted e-commerce platform. This plugin integrates the social media with your e-commerce store.

Hence the visitor can easily share your product link on social media. Social media could get you a lot of new buyers hence the shared link could be very benficial for your business.

It is a plugin which integrates the newly developed feature of google analytics called “enhanced e-commerce”.

This plugin will give you the analytics of your woocommerce e-commerce store. The plugin gives each and every important detail about user behaviour starting from the product page to the checkout page.

If you want to add the best shopping cart to your site then this plugin must be your primary choice. It contains cart total option, item count and icon addition option. The style can also be changed (with CSS coding). The default template is also nice.

This plugin is for automating the calculation of shipping rates. It has unlimited delivery zones so it is a complete solution for the calculation of delivery rates. It also has delivery modes.

And it has many other features like some products have different rates due to their complex features hence it also mentions these things.

Sometimes there is a need to add some more details related to product on the product page.

But adding these details in the description of the product lengthens the description hence this plugin enables you to add some more tabs on the product page.

You can add some more content on these tabs so as to differentiate between description and other details.

Woocommerce direct checkout

It is observed that a lengthy checkout process distracts the customer and they don’t buy any more from your site. So this plugin adds a checkout button to the product page and shortens the checkout process. Hence, the plugin results in the increase of your sales.

Woocommerce mailchimp

This plugin integrates your mailchimp with woocommerce. Mailchimp is the best service for email marketing.

This plugin adds the buyer’s email in your mailchimp list with his consent or sometimes if you have selected the option then without his consent. So as to increase your email marketing list and as a result increase the sales.

Woocommerce custom product tabs lite

This plugin adds extra tabs on the product pages. Sometimes you need to add some extra information regarding the product but adding it in the description will lengthen the description and makes it look unattractive. Hence you can add extra tabs to add extra details on the page.

Woocommerce product details customiser

Your product page should look good and have some extra information on it to convince the buyer and add the relevant information of the product. This plugin gives you the access to customise the product page according to your choice.

Hence you can add graphics, and relevant products links. But this plugin is not update from last 2 years. So be careful while using it because it may be not updated.

Woocommerce new product badge

This plugin is to aware the users about the new products. And it adds the badge on which “new” is written to the products added in the last x days.

Woocommerce products per page

Every customer likes different setting of the product list display page. Because every computer and display screen has different settings. So this plugin allows the user to set the limit of amount of products that will be displayed per page.

Woocommerce advanced free shipping

Giving some discounts like offering free delivery on some big orders makes more profit for you.

In tat case you need to add advanced calculator to your website in order to enable buyers to order more for free shipping cost. This plugin displays these advanced free shipping offers.

Woocommerce germanized

This plugin is for those who have Germany in their target market. It enables all the legal and other options to make your store compatible for Germany and German market.

A complete theme for this purpose is also available for making your store completely for Germany.

WC Vendors

If you want to enable other sellers to make their pages on your store then this plugin is for that purpose.

It basically allows other sellers to create their own pages and sell their products there. Just like ebay, olx and other sites you can now make your site available for other sellers.

Woocommerce amazon affiliates

This plugin is very important for you if you are selling products from amazon on your woocommerce store.

This plugin will create a reviews section under your product and fetches the reviews from amazon to this review section. These reviews really help in selling your product hence your profit increases.

YITH woocommerce PDF invoice and shipping list

This plugin is important for increasing the professionalism of your woocommerce store.

The plugin automatically generates the invoice and shipping list in PDF format and mails the list to the customer. Hence increasing the credibility of your woocommerce store.

YITH woocommerce multi vendor

If you want to increase your range of products without managing these products in your inventory then you can host the web pages of other vendors and can earn commission per sales.

This will turn your site from a simple shop to a hosting where you can list many shops.

Smart manager for woocommerce & WPeC

It is an awesome plugin with which you can easily the products, customer, coupons, product lists.

The plugin allows you to manage these things easily and you don’t have to spend long hours in managing just simple things. It has a spreadsheet format hence giving you user friendly interface.

Woocommerce PDF invoices

This plugin increases the customer’s trust on your brand. The plugin generates PDF invoices and mail them to the customer’s entered email. You can also add some other emails to receive copies of invoices on them like Google docs, and other cloud applications.

Woocommerce product slider

woocommerce-product-slider-pluignThe good web design and its usability increase the customer’s trust and increase the sales.

If the website has a good look and the user can easily browse through it then it will surely convince the potential buyer to buy from it.

This plugin display your products in a list format which the user can easily browse through.

Woocommerce advanced product quantities

Sometimes there are products that should be sold in fixed quantities because selling them in a small quantity could be unfeasible.

Like you are selling needles which cost 0.5$ per needle but the minimum courier charges are 10$ so this will increase the cost of the product.

Hence, this plugin fixes the limit on the quantities of the product that should be set before proceeding to checkout.

YITH woocommerce featured video

yith-woocmmerce-featured-video-pluginIt is rightly said that “picture is worth a thousand words” and video has a more worth than picture. Instead of writing lengthy product descriptions a single video can prove much more convincing.

So this plugin gives you the access to publish a video directly on the product page. You have to paste a link of the video in the specified blank and the video will appear on the product page where viewer can directly play it.

Woocommerce dynamic gallery

The chances of conversion of a buyer by displaying the catchy images of the product on the product pages are more instead of lengthy product descriptions.

A picture depicts the correct image of the product. So this plugin will convert your static image display on product page to the dynamic scrolling display. Hence, increasing the chances of conversions by many folds.

Stripe for woocommerce

Stripe is one of the most trusted online credit card payment service. This service doesn’t require a lot of credit card information that may prove fatal during any type of cyber attacks.

So that’s why this service is becoming more and more popular among online marketers. This plugin enables the stripe payment service on your website and you don’t need to write a long code to enable it. Just copy 2 lines of API and the service is enabled on your website.

Product enquiry for woocommerce

Sometimes, the potential customer has queries in mind which he want to ask about the product. If answered correctly, the potential customer could be converted to a returning customer.

Hence, this plugin enables the enquiry button on the product page where the visitor can directly ask queries from you.

YITH infinite scrolling

The usability and appearance of a website is a big factor in the conversion of user to a buyer. There are some websites on which one product is displayed per page.

And the user has to load every page for viewing the whole range of products. This may take several minutes and the user would leave the website because no one has that extra time.

So this plugin will give the display features like facebook with which you have to just scroll down to see the list of the products instead of loading every page.

YITH woocommerce advanced reviews

The reviews given by the buyers can make a real difference and could convert the viewers to the potential buyer. This plugin enables the review system where previous buyers can publish their reviews.

And it also gives a unique display. It enables the buyer to give a heading to the review unlike traditional review systems. And it also enables the user to attach images in it and generates the summary of all the reviews and gives the total rating of the product based on the reviews.

Woocommerce extended coupon features

This plugin adds coupon on your website. Coupons are great source of increasing the sales by offering some special discounts or free products with some paid products. This plugin enables an advanced coupon system on your website. You can create custom coupons through it.

Mailpoet woocommerce add on

The email marketing has now a great value and it is increasing. A good curated email could convert the reader to a buyer. Hence this plugin enables the option of subscribing the buyer to your newsletter during checkout process.

Woocommerce export customer email

The email marketing could convert the reader of the email to a buyer. So you must collect the emails of all the buyers and keep sending them high quality curated emails. This plugin collects all the emails and builds up the list. You can export this list in CSV format.

Woocommerce my account widget

A good display of customer information can be very useful to the customers in managing their shopping. After enabling this plugin, a widget will display all the history of the customer. You can also customise the widget to appear those things which may be more beneficial for the customers.

Woocommerce-gift cards

This plugin enables gift cards on your site. Gift cards are relatively a new trend on e-commerce sites. The plugin enables the user to buy the gift card and pay through any of the available payment gateways. And after it you can create a manual gift card to deliver it.

Woocommerce-store toolkit

This kit enables you to customise the store and with it you can easily customise each and every thing in your online store. The kit is specifically developed for web developers and online store managers and maintainers. You should always take great care of the usability and appearance of the site.

Pricing deals for woocommerce

This plugin adds a feature of dynamic pricing on the display of the site before proceeding to the checkout process.

Like offering some special discounts on buying bulk amount or some other options too with which the customer can avail discounts. This plugin takes care of all of them and manages the dynamic pricing system.

Woocommerce product sku generator

This plugin generates unique SKU for each product. You can also customise the plugin to select that which products should have their SKU. The plugin can also generate different SKU’s for same looking products with a little difference between them like colours. The SKU is generated from attribute slugs or id.

Wight/country shipping for woocommerce

The plugin enables a calculator on the site where the delivery or shipment charges for the product can be calculated on the basis of selected country and the weight of the product. Hence, it is a dynamic calculator and with it the user can check the rates for different shipping methods for selecting the feasible one.

Order delivery date for woocommerce

The plugin enables an option on the checkout page where user can select the desired order delivery date. The site administrator can set limits on it like non availability of specified dates in the options.

Woocommerce email validation

This is not a plugin and basically an extension. The extension enables a “confirm email address” field on the checkout page to ensure that the user has entered a correct email and if the email doesn’t match then it gives an error.

Woocommerce catalogue enquiry

This plugin has many features for the customisation of your online store. You can customise the store and add various new features. Like you can add enquiry button and the user can even ask enquire from the other users. It can also add links on the product page. In short, the plugin has so much to offer than all of these features can’t be fully listed here.

Woocommerce whole sale prices

Wholesale is basically a shopping option in which the buyer avails a big discount for buying the product in a bulk quantity. This plugin is basically for that dynamic pricing system. The plugin enables the option for the site administrator for offering a whole sale prices to some specific buyers.

Table rate shipping for woocommerce

The dynamic shipping cost option is hard to implement but the problem is solved by this plugin. It basically enables the options which should be selected by the user then this plugin calculates the shipping costs according to these options. The options are like country, state, weight, dimensions and volume etc.

WooCommerce Extra Product Options

Extra Product Option is the most versatile product option creator that lets you replace images, vary styles, create extra price fields – globally and per product – and shows your option anywhere on the product page. Furthermore, it enables the options for specific roles.

Woocommerce dynamic pricing and discounts

Dynamic pricing is an attractive feature to enable on the site. It allows the user to calculate the shipment charges based on his country, state or zone. It also has mnay other features for calculating the charges like weight of the product, dimensions and volume etc.

So the plugin will activate and fully manage the dynamic pricing system. The plugin also offers the feature of calculating price of the product according to the prevailing discounts based on quantity and some other features.

Fancy Product Designer

Fancy Product Designer gives you the liberty to design the product of your liking. There are no limitations; you can change whatever you want to change in a product. The functions are developed to suit everyone. It has a helpful layer system to keep track of applied designs and it has a rating of 4.6 out of 5.

Woocommerce advanced shipping

This is the plugin to handle the dynamic shipping cost calculation problem. You can set different parameters in this plugin. It will then calculate the cost of the shipping according to the information given by the user like country, state, zone, weight and many other information about the product.

Woocommerce advanced bulk edit

Maintaining and managing the online store is a hectic task and editing each and every details is too difficult. But the problem is solved by this plugin. It can edit the large range of products on a single display. You can edit any details about your products or e-commerce site through this plugin.

Woochimp-woocommerce mail chimp integration

Email marketing is now evolving in to a whole big source of marketing. The high-quality crafted email can bring good amount of orders and hence will result in the increase of the sales and profit. This plugin integrates your mailchimp with your e-commerce site. The plugin will add the entered emails in its mailchimp list.

Subscriptio-woocommerce subscriptions

There are some products which are sold at subscription basis. So you have to give the access to the buyer for only a specified amount of time. This plugin enables the subscription selling system where the user can pay and start the subscription to a product and avail the product for a certain amount of time. The plugin then sends repayment reminders just before the subscription ending time. In short the plugin fully manages the subscription system.

Display product-multi-layout for woocommerce

The good appearance of the site is very important if you want to increase sales. The plugin is specifically for that purpose. It gives you the access to display products in various different formats and sequences. You can display product on any page with this plugin.

Woothumbs-Awesome product imagery

A picture is worth a thousand words. So, it means that a good quality picture is more convincing than a lengthy description of the product. This is an awesome plugin for the beautiful display of the product images and enabling the users to zoom on the image at particular points so that the user can check the details of the product. Along with this zooming function it has many other functions as well which make this plugin a complete solution for the display of images.

Woocommerce customer relationship manager

Maintaining high quality customer service is very important in e-commerce. If you deliver good customer service the customers will surely return and buy again.

This plugin enables a good customer relationship manager on your online store. You can email the customers through it either in bulk or individually. You can make calls to the customers. And the plugin also manages the database of the customers.

Woocommerce prices by user role

There are some situations in which you want to offer different prices to different group of customers. Like the wholesale buyers are charged lower and simple buyers are charges higher. This plugin enables this dynamic pricing system and manages the prices according to the user.

Woocommerce pretty emails

Emailing customers is an integral part of any business. The emails should be crafted carefully and should have an attractive format. This plugin gives you several different features like change in font sizes, colours and many other things in the business emails. You will have full customisation access on the emails to make them look attractive.

Woocommerce simple auctions-Wordpress auctions

Sometimes, auctioning the product proves much valuable and profitable than simple selling. This plugin will enable the auctioning feature on your site just like Ebay. The plugin will only manage the auctioning feature and will not interfere in checkout process. It will also maintain the auctioning history.

Woocommerce multistep checkout wizard

It is observed in the e-commerce industry that convincing the customers on the product page is not the last important step. Customers also get frustrated by long and complicated checkout processes as a result they leave the site sometimes and never come back.

Hence this plugin will beautify and simplify your checkout process. It will enable different tabs which will show the status of the checkout process.

Woocommerce recover abandoned cart

Shopping carts are often abandoned by some visitors due to various reasons. These abandoned carts result in the decrease in sales. The plugin gives a little solution for it.

It will email the customers who abandoned their carts. The emails will be sent at fixed time regularly until the customer completes the checkout process. You can use any number of email templates.

Woocommerce e-commerce bundle rate shipping

Discounts and special offers are sometimes available at e-commerce sites. Sometimes the discounts are offered on buying the specific quantity of products. These type of discounts need dynamic pricing system. This plugin will enable and manage this system according to many parameters set by the administrator.

Woocommerce quick export plugin

Regularly analysing your business and highlighting the important details to improve some things make your business more profitable and valuable. This plugin will export all of the customer’s data and their purchases in .CSV file format. So you can analyse your business more closely and highlight the important details.

Woocommerce products designer

Now many e-commerce stores are offering customised products like T-shirts with an image provided by you, mugs having your picture on them, and logos etc.

This plugin will operate a web application on your website which will enable the users to make any custom design on them before proceeding to the checkout.

Social coupon for wordpress

The number of social media users is continuously growing. And a good social media marketing could get you a number of loyal customers. This plugin enables a coupon system which gives a special discount coupon to a user who shares your store link on social media. This will result in more marketing of your store and you will get more customers.

Woocommerce cart based shipping

The plugin will calculate the total shipping charges according to three parameters that are: cart subtotal, number of purchased, and combined weight. This plugin will fully operate and manage the shipping rates calculator according to these three values. You also have an option to enable some parameters for specific countries

Woocommerce point of sale(POS)

Point of sale is basically a system installed on the checkout table at stores. The scanner scans the bar code of the product to list it on the memo and calculates the total price. This system is specifically designed and developed for working with woocommerce.

Shipping details plugin for woocommerce

The e-commerce business is done with just a thin string of trust between customer and store owner. So that’s why the customer demand full information regarding their product delivery status. This plugin will enable the user to check the order delivery status of their product and the plugin supports nearly all courier services.

Woocommerce whole sale prices

The plugin is useful if you are offering your products to whole sale buyers as well. The plugin will enable the whole sale pricing on the products on which you apply the feature. But the plugin will only show the whole sale price when the user has a specific role specified by the site administrator.

Google address autocomplete for woocommerce

The plugin is to ease the hectic task of data entry by users. You have to activate some other options with this plugin as well. The plugin will autocomplete the address that has to be entered further by the user. There are other applications also which will fetch the data from them to autocomplete the address.

Woocommerce short codes for visual composer

Adding short codes in visual composer was a real problem. And lengthy task. But now this plugin is there to take care of this task and it will add short codes in visual composer.

Woocommerce checkout for digital goods

The lengthy checkout process often results in losing customers. Customers don’t like to waste time on lengthy checkout processes. And especially in the digital goods some sites ask for irrelevant information like physical address. The plugin will shorten the checkout process for digital goods like ebook and will seal the deal faster.

Woocommerce custom product boxes

Some products are delivered after packing and boxing in the product boxes. The plugin gives the buyer an option to design the customised product box in which their product will be delivered.


This is a beautiful plugin which enables a unique search function on your e-commerce store. The plugin has a beautiful display which make the site attractive and catchy. The plugin basically activates faceted search to your e-commerce sites.

QuoteUp – Ultimate Quotation & Proposal Management for WooCommerce

This is a plugin which enables the system of asking a quote on e-commerce store. The visitor can request a custom quote from the site administrator.

So it bascially convert a simple e-commerce store to a quotation and proposal management system. You can simply hide a price through this plugin and display a custom quote button.

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