How does your website standup against professional company websites?

Are you sure you have setup everything properly, does it have a professional-looking design, is it optimized better for search engines, do you have “high-quality” content published on your site that your visitors find attractive to read?

Benefits Of Webmaster

Don’t feel bad if you have NOT “correctly” set up your site. We understand that you’ve been busy focusing on core activities of your business.

Of course, you don’t want to spend hours building up site from scratch and promote them using various marketing tools as they sound overwhelming or you simply don’t have the knowledge on how to do so.

Here’s the best part, you don’t have to do any of those stuffs.

All you have to do is hire a professional virtual webmaster! But before I give you some benefits why you can delegate website maintenance tasks to a virtual assistant webmaster, let me explain you the job of a webmaster.

Virtual Assistant (VA) Webmaster

You may have come across the term “webmaster” before and probably think someone who works with computers remotely, right?

You are right, nonetheless let’s dig a little bit deeper!

A “webmaster” is a person who looks after the operation as well as the maintenance of a site. Recently, MANY businesses have gone online, and the term “webmaster” has started to surface like a mushroom in the Internet.

Webmaster looks after anything related with the internet (web) and they’re master, meaning experts and highly skilled, at what they do. Hence the term “webmaster” was coined.

The virtual assistant website may not necessarily be employed by the company. They often work from a remote office, mostly from their own home, many miles away from the actual company location.

5 Benefits of Using Virtual Assistant Webmaster

Suited for small businessVirtual assistant webmaster is often suited for the small business. Small businesses lack time, cash, and resources to hire and employ new staffs, and they probably don’t know how to promote their website unless there are in SEO or website building niche.

So if you just hire a virtual assistant through sites like Elance and Odesk, you’ll get excellent services from them, but often pay 1/3rd of normal site maintenance fee if you have hired a freelance webmaster.

Cost-effective – Virtual assistant webmaster is an independent contractor who will work as long as your project lasts. Unlike employing a staff in your office, you don’t need to worry about payroll, payroll tax, insurance, and other company benefits when you hire a virtual assistant. Hence, they’re very cost-effective to you.

Highly Productive – Simply assign them a task, give them clear instructions, make an invoice, and sit back and relax while they look after your site, fix problems quickly, and the can even suggest few changes here and there. They’re very talented.

Hiring VA is Easy – Hiring a virtual assistant webmaster requires few formalities. Just sign a small contract which contains the responsibilities of each party involved so that you’ll avoid unwanted conflicts later on. Plus, you also need to setup a strong communication with them to keep track of their progress.

Besides this, hiring a virtual assistant webmaster is very easy.

Save Time and Money – Using the services of a highly skilled virtual webmaster can save you tons of valuable time and money for you business because now your employees are free to focus on the core business activities, instead of doing all those works they aren’t trained to do. If you’re looking for talented and expert virtual assistant webmaster to design, develop, and maintain your online business, don’t look any further.

Our team boast of employing trained virtual webmaster are specialized to look after any issue that your site is currently facing, fix them, and make it even better than it was in the design phase.

Our virtual assistant webmaster can provide:
  1. Set up blogs very quickly
  2. Look at each HTML page/ posts and weed out problems and fix them
  3. Track your website performance and suggest ways to improve it
  4. Fix broken links and create custom 404 error pages
  5. Optimize your site for human (readers and visitors) as well as the search engines.

So if you think that your company needs a professional help from a virtual webmaster to look after your website, please contact us.

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