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Ever wanted to build an online business that sets you on the path of making mountains and mountains of cash?

That too while you sleep?

Hundreds and thousands of internet entrepreneurs are making money online today using various methods that include but are not limited to advertising, SEO, blogging, freelancing, affiliate marketing and social media marketing.

But do you know what most of these entrepreneurs recommend when it comes to making a good profit online?

Niche Research

Before you start building your website, it is extremely important you set focus on a niche you will be promoting products from. Some examples are as follows:

  • Weight loss
  • Video games
  • Electronic cigarettes
  • BBQ Grills and Smokers
  • Fitness
  • Kitchenware and appliances

A good way to make a profit is to set your niche both broad and highly targeted. Once you select a niche, broadening it up means you can add in a lot of products from the same niche and target them directly to your readers.

Once you’ve got a niche, go to Amazon and start filtering through the different categories of your niche. For example:

Electronics & Computers > TV & Video > Televisions > 4K Ultra HD Televisions

After going through this, you will see that products from this category can be anywhere from $500 to $5000+

Once you have decided on the niche, its time to hit Google Keyword planner and see the results you get.

Simply hop over to Google and write the keyword ‘Ultra HD TVs’ and see results. Anything that offers more than 1000 searches per month is an excellent keyword to target.

You can add multiple keywords in the same niche to get even more results. For example:

  • Sony Ultra HD TV
  • Samsung Ultra HD TV
  • 60” Ultra HD TV

Now let’s say if your keyword has about 2,000 monthly searches, it means:

You will likely get 150-200 clicks to Amazon per month

Average sales price anywhere from $600 – $2,000

With 4% commission rate on the sales, you will likely get more than $400 per month. This is only an approximate number. Remember, people buying TVs will also want to buy Home Theaters, TV Boxes and Video Game Consoles adding further to your commissions.

When setting up your content marketing strategy, add keyword modifiers like:

  • Discount
  • For Sale
  • Save Now
  • Reviews


  • Sony Ultra HD TV 55” Review
  • Save Now On Samsung Ultra HD TV

Setting keyword modifiers like this targets people who are actually looking to buy. These are also considered ‘commercial keywords‘ by some entrepreneurs because they intend to target a group of audience that is ready to buy.

Learning The Targeted Market

Knowing your target audience takes a bit of research, whereas having a well-defined target market is important than ever.

It is nearly impossible to convince people to buy a product if you do not get a personal and emotional connection with them.

This is where understanding your target audience comes. In order to sell properly, you will need to create a buyer’s persona.

This semi-real persona will be someone who buys and uses the same products your readers do.

For example, if you intend to sell televisions, you need to create a persona that enjoys large televisions in rooms and give them a reason to have them trust you.

When creating a persona, make sure you create one with actual data.

For example, you could create a persona of a common person who enjoys playing video games when not working. And in order to get the best experience, he uses large and powerful televisions that outline the required FPS and resolution to run modern games at their best.

Setting Realistic Goals

Setting goals are the ultimate path to success. Goals not only help you reach success, they are also there to help keep you motivated.

When you set up your website, you should list down small, realistic and achievable goals on your calendar. This way you will be able to work harder and achieve more success.

These goals can be:

  • Get the first sale in 2 months
  • Increase sales by 100% in 5 months
  • Add 20 new products by 3 months of the website launch
  • Double network Next Year

Choosing The Kind Of Website Platform

Earlier we said that Amazon has an amazing affiliate program with deep integration available. This is where that integration comes into place.

Amazon products can be promoted in a number of ways. Depending on how you want to promote products, you can choose from:

  • Review Sites
  • Blogging
  • E-commerce Sites

Therefore, you could model your site like a review site or go all out and create a website that covers all three models.

But what if you can’t write content properly?

That’s when Affiliate eCommerce Websites are the best way to go.

But what if you do not have the expertise to create an eCommerce site? You could then start a blog which doesn’t require you to be a professional website developer.

If you have resources available, you could hire professional help and go for all three models on one site.

Building Your Website

Once you have the niche in mind and know your target audience and have picked a model for your website, it’s time to get started with building one.

Before you set up your site, you will need:

A name for your website

Carefully pick a name for your website using a registrar. Keep in mind that the name of your website should be easily convertible to a brand. Brand names are loved by search engines and people often trust brands more.

A place to host your website

Pick any hosting service that offers you value for money and great space. Without enough space or traffic volume, you may find your site getting clogged when traffic starts coming in.

A CMS system to manage your content

CMS (Content Management Systems) like WordPress can help you easily manage your content. Plus WordPress offers many plugging that makes things easier for you.

Tools to measure the progress of your site

There are a number of tools available to measure the success and progress for your site. As a starter, you should at least have google analytics installed on your website.

Optimizing Your Website For SEO

No one is going to read your hard written reviews or blog posts if they can’t see you. SEO’ing your website will assure they get to read what you write by making you visible on search engines.


Avid Subscribers

Getting And Converting Traffic

In order to get traffic naturally, you shouldn’t only have to produce consistent and high-quality contentrather you also need to promote it.

The only positive way of promoting your content is through SEO. Search Engine Optimization makes sure that people see your website when they write keywords like ‘Sony Ultra HD TV 55″ Discount’.

Once they see your website, they will likely visit it and from there on it’s your high-quality content that will convince them to buy.

In order to covert this hard acquired traffic, good and convincing content is necessary. By creating a semi-fictional persona that emotionally connects with your reader, you already have done half the job.

Now all you need to do is write a convincing story on why they need this product and put up affiliate links to Amazon where they can buy with trust and peace of mind.

You can also promote your website by engaging with people on social media networks or sending out emails to an acquired email list. Plus blogging can really help you build an audience that you can interact with.

Doubling Your Websites

Hence you have a website that is getting you a smooth stream of Automated Income, Why don’t you add another website and double it?

Since you already started a website and are promoting Ultra HD Televisions, you can start a site that promotes related products.

For example, if I were you, I would now promote video game consoles. A number of people who buy Ultra HD Televisions are normally looking for available content. And video games are a form of content that mostly attracts people who buy these televisions.

You can link both of your sites together to double your profits and even triple them when you decide to add another website offering more related products.

Setting Things For Automation

Therefore, if you are running a number of different websites and doing a full-time job, chances are that you barely get the time to focus completely on your affiliate sites.

When this happens, it’s time to set some stuff for automation.

Things like sharing content on social media networks and other places can easily be automated with a number of plugging offered by WordPress.

This way, all you will do is write content and the rest will be handled by those clever plugging. It saves time and effort and you will never have to worry about your traffic going down.

Selling One Or More Of Your Websites For Extra Profits

Once you have your sites ready and you realize they are creating sales, you may wish to sell one of these for a large sum.

Whenever you are in need of money, you can always put your website up for grabs to just about anyone using many different platforms. Once your site is ready to be sold, it will be put on auction and the bidding will begin.

A good site can easily earn you more than $15,000 in a single day if you can market it properly. Plus there’s always a competitor looking at your websites. Why not offer them your site for a decent profit?

Hence, they will likely buy it because it also means they are eliminating competition and increasing their sales.

We hope this guide was helpful to you. Follow the steps provided here with consistency, patience and persistence and there is no way you won’t see the same success so many other people are enjoying right now.

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