happy womenWhile having a website in order to post your affiliate products is the typical way to operate an Affiliate Marketing business, it is not absolutely necessary. There are several alternative methods of getting the word out about the products you are promoting for your business. These alternatives methods will require a bit more work on your part and you will need to spend more time tracking the progress because you will want to be sure that they are working.

This article will focus on 5 specific alternative methods that do not require the use of a website being set up by you in order to promote your products.

Method #1 Using online forums and blogs

The benefit of using online forums is that there are all kinds of forums around the Internet which should make it easy to find the ones that are dedicated to the types of products that you are promoting. By joining the forum and becoming an accepted part of the community makes it easy to introduce them to what you are promoting.

The same goes for blogs, if you seek out and find high trafficked blogs and leave relevant comments and gain the trust of blog owner you could be asked to be a guest poster. This could lead to extra traffic directly to your products you are promoting.

Method #2 Viral content about your products

Using unique content like an ebook or special report that pertains to the products you are selling that contains the link to the specific product you are promoting is a way to capitalize on the viral nature of the Internet. When listing the ebook you can offer to give the purchaser certain usage rights to give it away or sell it as long as they do not change it in anyway.

This will multiply your distribution of the embedding link to your product and therefore increase your  potential sales. Be sure when you write the ebook make it very informative and not loaded with advertising links.

Method #3 Posting articles and reviews on Classified Ad Websites

Online Classified Ad websites like Craigslist and many others like it are good resources for placing advertising. You can also create product reviews that include a direct link to your product and post them on these same Classified Ad websites.

Below is a short list of a few Classified Ads

  • http://craigslist.com
  • http://www.usfreeads.com
  • http://epage.com

Method #4 Create a YouTube Channel and post videos

Videos that go viral are all the rage these days and being able to tap into the billions of viewers that visit YouTube represents a huge potential for income. Establishing your own YouTube Channel for your business is very easy to do. Then all you need is a webcam and a little creativity and you make your own videos with your affiliate links embedded in the video and upload them to your channel.

Method #5 Use Squidoo/HubPages to gain attention

There are websites on the Internet where you can setup a page where you can promote your products that you are promoting. One of top sites is called HubPages and these pages are referred to as Lens. They are designed to look just like simple one page website and you are able to post your affiliate links and add additional relevant content.

We hope that the information found in this article has extremely help and the it has given you some good ideas that you can use for your own online business.

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